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e9629bad30a9f478b336ab46b8e6e02f7f87af46 31-Jan-2014 Evan Chu <evanchu@broadcom.com> Adjust copyright year to 2014.

No code change.

Change-Id: Id868ad0356f9b5a43c887de7a3b596bb86be9026
5c65c3a0f42e174e47fecd4e569606003217ff4e 27-Mar-2013 Martijn Coenen <maco@google.com> Latest NFC stack-drop from Broadcom.

Patches provided by Evan Chu <evanchu@broadcom.com> and
Paul Chaisson <pchaisson@broadcom.com>.

Most important changes:
- Support for BCM20793B4 and BCM20793B5 revisions in the HAL.
- Remove connection handover and SNEP implementations, since
we already have them in java-land.
- Fix issue where the NFCC is not woken for HCI writes.
- Remove a lot of duplicated code in the HAL.
- Various small fixes.

Change-Id: I00f7457fe7ec23602071532a15bf2be9d7706b37
e9df6ba5a8fcccf306a80b1670b423be8fe7746a 13-Dec-2012 The Android Open Source Project <initial-contribution@android.com> Snapshot 7ddd630e136a035ba463c427285c5c3e9f199ee0

Change-Id: If08c7b905da667dd9e5110231e4592842b634006