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c3c16fd45e1cb9a8d05878b45483511c3486115d 20-Aug-2014 Martijn Coenen <maco@google.com> Change NFCA version string to match AOSP.

Used in EMV certification; needs to reflect that the version
of the NFCDROID stack in AOSP is different from the versions
that Broadcom is using.

Bug: 16517161
Change-Id: I10f47b629f89143f3da281251c2ff1f8048e8f6d
28724545afbe78a0d371d5e8ae2e95fb34f26d09 12-Feb-2014 Paul Chaisson <chaisson@broadcom.com> Updated version strings.
a24be4f06674b2707b57904deaa0dff5a95823bd 13-Nov-2013 Evan Chu <evanchu@broadcom.com> Upgrade stack to NFA_PI_1.03.66+

Take code from NFCA_MI_430.10.00.07.
Additional changes include:
* Adjust copyright.
* Clean up stack and HAL diagnostic tracing.
* Fix ce_t4t_data_cback() in src/nfc/tags/ce_t4t.c in order to let HCE payment to work.
* Reduce compilation warnings.

Change-Id: I7b174229029d4a4955ff7750623e78c9a8c856f6
b12873e775de94bb4960fba3a67d06eeb93a314c 17-Jul-2013 Evan Chu <evanchu@broadcom.com> nfca_version_string = NFCDROID_MI_422.10.0.15

Change-Id: I513ff28608bfbdc3725af9a6e705669c3e693cc7
91ada91fa991b4df5372a19a2cf81f074b298712 21-Jun-2013 Evan Chu <evanchu@broadcom.com> Ability to adjust RF discovery frequency for each technology.

Stack adds ability to adjust RF discovery frequencies.

Change-Id: I3c9a843c83c3a86181e7c8726b95c9f6517d8706
df5080d7feca9827fd0306471c54f52ecf185c22 14-Jun-2013 Evan Chu <evanchu@broadcom.com> Upgrade stack to NFA_MI_1.03.62.

.conf variable SPD_IGNORE_VERSION is removed. Stack always download
firmware if a difference is detected.

Change-Id: I2a5e21254e6c0df7829506c1c3c2f6ffa44c0048
7c69b2723b60a59df4aaa58b13985b3483b291bf 14-May-2013 Evan Chu <evanchu@broadcom.com> Upgrade stack to NFA_MI_1.03.60.

Change-Id: Ifc970a5b68cc962e5fdfa9af11e54e569d25ef1b
c95c79ccb65d82a65b960919077d5c359cf28ced 12-Apr-2013 Evan Chu <evanchu@broadcom.com> Upgrade to new stack NFA_MP_1.03.1

A tag from Korea is Mifare Ultralight C. When the stack performs
presence-check, the tag responds with NACK and enters HALT state.
This patch properly performs presence-check for this tag.

Change-Id: Ia19e6216628bd74e8367f21d90ac806751eacfda
4a97d9253534ab99e4b245e824661440a200f2c6 12-Apr-2013 Evan Chu <evanchu@broadcom.com> Updated version files for NFCDROID_MI_422.10.0.6

Change-Id: Ia9c970bdf761c776df99392e65c6ff4607746524
3f0440ad1422eba719428822b970c203bfdd392e 23-Jul-2013 Evan Chu <evanchu@broadcom.com> Fix Apache license on some files.

Change-Id: I0fe5480bd8ef816c01a34147c85acdc1d3fd6612
5c65c3a0f42e174e47fecd4e569606003217ff4e 27-Mar-2013 Martijn Coenen <maco@google.com> Latest NFC stack-drop from Broadcom.

Patches provided by Evan Chu <evanchu@broadcom.com> and
Paul Chaisson <pchaisson@broadcom.com>.

Most important changes:
- Support for BCM20793B4 and BCM20793B5 revisions in the HAL.
- Remove connection handover and SNEP implementations, since
we already have them in java-land.
- Fix issue where the NFCC is not woken for HCI writes.
- Remove a lot of duplicated code in the HAL.
- Various small fixes.

Change-Id: I00f7457fe7ec23602071532a15bf2be9d7706b37