History log of /external/libunwind/src/ia64/mk_Gcursor_i.c
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354b3fd45b441f5338ea3514f0784092ada107b3 31-Jul-2012 Tommi Rantala <tt.rantala@gmail.com> Allow IA64 cross-compilation

Change the way we generate the cursor header files, so that we do not
need to invoke IA64 binaries, which would fail when cross-compiling

Adopt the strategy used in the Linux kernel build system, and parse our
annotated offset information from the assembler file produced by the
dda1a6d625e93b64e2d1dc54b9f8a8ea5f491947 20-May-2005 hp.com!davidm <hp.com!davidm> Don't include <string.h>.
Include "libunwind_i.h" instead of "internal.h" and "tdep.h".

(Logical change 1.294)
8bc587f1a4cfcc24131741216add1f8a8e2a9776 17-Aug-2004 homeip.net!davidm <homeip.net!davidm> Rename: src/ia64/mk_Gcursor_i-ia64.c -> src/ia64/mk_Gcursor_i.c

(Logical change 1.241)
3f9d2e9c5c1cfde324c08204259b65f74b2746a1 17-Aug-2004 homeip.net!davidm <homeip.net!davidm> Initial revision