History log of /external/libunwind/tests/Gtest-concurrent.c
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6b55e0ab51eee7dbea679fda2b37ecf61f0025e5 19-Sep-2012 Tommi Rantala <tt.rantala@gmail.com> Use `UNUSED' in tests
f42a8de0fa4b99c04e38a35bb5fd48a1ba9188b8 02-Aug-2012 Tommi Rantala <tt.rantala@gmail.com> Annotate unused parameters in tests

Compiling the tests with -Wextra results to lots of warnings for unused
parameters. Annotate these cases with the `unused' attribute to avoid
the warnings.
890a630d76ca4af8cb9758e3c74d00897dbcb544 20-Nov-2009 Paul Pluzhnikov <ppluzhnikov@google.com> Fix tests/Gtest-concurrent.c to test all caching policies


Attached patch is rather on the obvious side: setting caching policy and
than doing nothing is pointless; we'd better acutally test that it works!

Tested on Linux/x86_64.

Paul Pluzhnikov
b0406d0a2a97b290a835ab94c13036119a0db23b 05-May-2005 hp.com!davidm <hp.com!davidm> (doit): Set stack-size attribute to increase likelihood that we're able
to create NTHREADS threads. With NTHREADS==128 and the stack-size
rlimit set to "unlimited", the test is otherwise likely to fail because
on ia64 it will default to using 32MB of stack per thread.

(Logical change 1.291)
c0e81195b7e1fc1db66b4c324ba0d356ef7a0032 03-May-2005 hp.com!davidm <hp.com!davidm> (doit): Fail gracefully if we fail to create all NTHREADS threads.

(Logical change 1.290)
471e4e5fa698a9eeaef184d9acea32ad9aac2fe9 01-Apr-2004 mostang.com!davidm <mostang.com!davidm> Minor whitespace fixes.

(Logical change 1.202)
94f198b28835ff21668abb53bf146cabf209fbb7 24-Nov-2003 hp.com!davidm <hp.com!davidm> (handler): Adjust printf format to avoid compiler warning.

(Logical change 1.123)
716484f0009c474bb72cbf096f933b4118bf17a5 20-Nov-2003 mostang.com!davidm <mostang.com!davidm> (Logical change 1.114)
634e645f67f3b3bdfb78fdeee378b2253bc42e50 20-Nov-2003 mostang.com!davidm <mostang.com!davidm> Initial revision