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5fedf3407c7c161d12ba4f600cbce12fef780ad7 11-Aug-2012 Tommi Rantala <tt.rantala@gmail.com> Avoid -Wunused-value warning in tests/Gtest-exc.c

Gtest-exc.c: In function 'a':
Gtest-exc.c:100:15: warning: value computed is not used [-Wunused-value]
30dec34c3a0bf851cdf41153528659ad347c0ccb 03-May-2005 hp.com!davidm <hp.com!davidm> Include "config.h" and <ia64intrin.h> if we have them.

2004/10/19 23:11:07-07:00 mostang.com!davidm
(got_here): New global variable.
(raise_exception): Fix off-by-2 error so that we _really_ step
to the outermost a() frame.
(get_bsp): New function.
(__builtin_ia64_bsp): Remove.
(a): Print stack and bsp addresses as we recurse.
When resuming execution in outermost a() frame (n==depth),
clear "result" and set "got_here" so we know we landed in
the right place.
(main): Don't accept arguments that cause "depth" to be < 1.
When returning from a(), also check "got_here". If
the check failed, print result, got_here, and nerrors
for diagnostic purposes.

(Logical change 1.290)
9fb355e096eef9a2f005e896727d25a5d4ed0141 06-May-2004 hp.com!davidm <hp.com!davidm> (depth): New global variable.
(raise_exception): Make non-static, unwind "depth - 1" steps to get to
top-most a() frame.
(__builtin_ia64_bsp): Also define for Intel-compiler.
(a): Restructure so it works in the face of global optimization and also
remove GCC dependencies.
(main): Initialize depth based on argv[1].

(Logical change 1.232)
06e572340efed7b938f0fc984ab561fd448e1f5a 27-Nov-2003 hp.com!davidm <hp.com!davidm> (a): Don't use inline-asm for Intel-compiler.

(Logical change 1.130)
757746aefbc6edfc77bde6a66ed251b4e1d5c46d 28-Mar-2003 mostang.com!davidm <mostang.com!davidm> (a): When compiling with GCC on ia64, use "asm" statement to get the address of the
label. gcc-3.x otherwise notices that the label isn't used for control-flow
and feels free to move it around (usually to the beginning of the basic-block),
with very bad consequences.

(Logical change 1.70)
797322b3b461c7e71d1d072227b5aa65a9ff31fa 27-Mar-2003 mostang.com!davidm <mostang.com!davidm> (a): If not compiling with GCC, explain that there is no hope of exercising this

(Logical change 1.68)
f77ee147ace13e3d500dc3d4468cb1b0dec2b0a4 22-Feb-2003 hp.com!davidm <hp.com!davidm> Delete UNW_LOCAL_ONLY.

2003/02/21 18:58:12-08:00 hp.com!davidm
Rename: tests/test-exc.c -> tests/Gtest-exc.c

(Logical change 1.53)
37d99c0c9fd0ccb3a26b78456213125748ec4421 22-Feb-2003 hp.com!davidm <hp.com!davidm> Initial revision