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470ef077237c82c7ab7ba2def07241a6a1f9349c 16-Jun-2014 Johann <johannkoenig@google.com> Turn on libvpx x86 optimizations [DO NOT MERGE]

With yasm available we can use the assembly:

Comparing with the VP9 video playback with C-reference software decode,
before and after these patches applied,

Performance data with 2 test clips:
Clips bit rate fps(after) fps(before)
vp9_720p_qp10to20_1510Kbps_30fps.webm 1510Kbps 30 12
vp9_720p_qp20to30_840Kbps_30fps.webm 840Kbps 30 13

(cherry-picked from afecaee6099284387688b9ce17ec3642ec4e5c1b)

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