History log of /external/ltrace/testsuite/ltrace.minor/print-instruction-pointer.exp
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4627fc493db8459e6ef0597a4155a06b7d120d20 05-Nov-2010 Zachary T Welch <zwelch@codesourcery.com> Make test suite work for out-of-tree builds.

Use 'objdir' instead of 'srcdir' for building executables and saving
the .ltrace output files.

Signed-off-by: Zachary T Welch <zwelch@codesourcery.com>
aee093126654f722523b47848a0c5449e39cf4bb 31-Aug-2007 Juan Cespedes <cespedes@debian.org> Some random fixes

* General: Small fixes (indentation, typos, clean-up of code)
* ltrace.c: Close output file on exit
* ltrace.c: use getenf("HOME") instead of getpwuid(geteuid())->pw_dir
* read_config_file.c, display_args.c: remove "ignore" argtype;
that's what "void" is for
* packaging/debian/: misc fixes, sync with version 0.5-1
* etc/ltrace.conf: added more system calls
* testsuite/ltrace.minor/trace-clone.c: sleep(1) to avoid earlier
termination of process
* sysdeps/linux-gnu/trace.c: trace_pid(): reverted Petr's patch
to wait for child to stop, as it stopped following clone()
* process_event.c: Disable breakpoints before doing fork() (again!),
to make children work as expected
98d884bfd78ea7a37f46515c6e9e3635a95d8cbc 14-Mar-2006 Paul Gilliam <pgilliam@us.ibm.com> Add a dejagnu-based testsuite.