History log of /external/mesa3d/src/egl/main/eglarray.h
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f2001df508fda599a18b3586d2775e970a3db13a 02-Jul-2011 Chia-I Wu <olv@lunarg.com> egl: add copyright notices

The list of copyright holders could be incomplete. Please update
directly or notify me if your name is missing.
5ae4b6693a8254236435960ef84701fe405fe59b 06-Dec-2010 Chia-I Wu <olv@lunarg.com> egl: _eglFilterArray should not allocate.

Otherwise, when it is called from within a driver, the caller cannot
free the returned data (on Windows).
04ae53ca8a844fbb2764b6ecb942b68a6db850e7 03-Nov-2010 Chia-I Wu <olv@lunarg.com> st/egl: Add support for EGL_MATCH_NATIVE_PIXMAP.

Added for completeness. It makes sense to have such mechanism, but I am
not aware of any user of that..
f2aa361f3b58a91780c9358b3f8716f6434074c7 04-Jul-2010 Chia-I Wu <olv@lunarg.com> egl: Rework driver loading.

Driver loading is now splitted into two stages. In the first stage, an
_EGLModule is created for each driver: user driver, default drivers, and
all files in the search directories that start with "egl_". Modules are
not loaded at this stage.

In the second stage, each module is loaded to initialize a display. The
process stops at the first module that can initialize the display.

If eglGetProcAddress is called before eglInitialize, the same code path
will be taken to find the first module that supports
EGL_DEFAULT_DISPLAY. Because we do not want to initialize the display,
drv->Probe is used instead in this case.
106466783f986f532d3ee7af3a70f693c610ea04 30-Jun-2010 Chia-I Wu <olv@lunarg.com> egl: Add dynamic array.

Dynamic arrays will be used to store configs and screens of a display.