History log of /external/mesa3d/src/egl/main/eglmode.h
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f2001df508fda599a18b3586d2775e970a3db13a 02-Jul-2011 Chia-I Wu <olv@lunarg.com> egl: add copyright notices

The list of copyright holders could be incomplete. Please update
directly or notify me if your name is missing.
e32ac5b8a963202dcdfb91354f77979765083000 22-Oct-2010 Chia-I Wu <olv@lunarg.com> egl: Fix _eglModeLookup.

Internally a mode belongs to a screen. But functions like
eglGetModeAttribMESA treat a mode as a display resource: a mode can be
looked up without a screen. Considering how KMS works, it is better to
stick to the current implementation.

To properly support looking up a mode without a screen, this commit
assigns each mode (of all screens) a unique ID.
6c7e0b95a4a16d268aa3ca74c5c8407779533314 30-Jul-2010 Chia-I Wu <olv@lunarg.com> egl: Add checks for EGL_MESA_screen_surface.

This allows Mesa EGL to be compiled with eglext.h that does not define
897cb8950ae14ffe7029b1daf16113ff62ce0dfe 05-Jan-2010 Chia-I Wu <olvaffe@gmail.com> egl: Fix breakage from -fvisibility=hidden.

Mark EGL API and driver functions as PUBLIC.

Signed-off-by: Chia-I Wu <olvaffe@gmail.com>
2f2cf461c57974abd89e4917945cc8ae6a67a72e 11-Aug-2009 Chia-I Wu <olvaffe@gmail.com> egl: Overhaul driver API.

The motivation is so that drivers do not need to look up and check for
bad display, context, and etc. It also becomes unnecessary for drivers
to call the link functions.

This commit makes eglapi.[ch] do the lookup and check. As a result, the
driver API is overhauled, and almost all sources and drivers need
update. The updates are mainly find and replace with human brains.

Signed-off-by: Chia-I Wu <olvaffe@gmail.com>
1ed1027e886980b9b0f48fa6bfcf3d6e209c7787 27-May-2008 Brian Paul <brian.paul@tungstengraphics.com> assorted changes to compile with new EGL 1.4 headers (untested)
ad6f8eba00359fcb7abff8105dcb7a9dd2f32fec 10-Dec-2005 Brian Paul <brian.paul@tungstengraphics.com> lots of updates, mode sorting, etc
9b134f641c3a2ee8d12e6b2a205e9fe6ff2cf401 16-May-2005 Brian Paul <brian.paul@tungstengraphics.com> minor tweaks
7012d01d888d482f2c6ad1180231a482026d213a 13-May-2005 Jon Smirl <jonsmirl@gmail.com> First attempt at getting egl support up on dumb framebuffer.
Seems to be mostly working. Not all of egl API is implemented.
c22990c29a5cdff89e6e3914aa565acc88a6a407 04-May-2005 Brian Paul <brian.paul@tungstengraphics.com> sync with latest EGL_MESA_screen_surface spec (EGLScreenMESA handles)
adbff7e977c7c768e752a24fb643d68bdf961bfe 22-Apr-2005 Brian Paul <brian.paul@tungstengraphics.com> initial EGL code