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46ea63c7f5f4ebfc3588480bccf86067d61f5256 28-Sep-2014 Jon Boekenoogen <jboekeno@google.com> Create host/target builds for mockito.

Bug: 17682586

Change-Id: I4cacae64949d9bc85394c55154030b312f289068
674060f01e9090cd21b3c5656cc3204912ad17a6 03-Jun-2014 Jon Boekenoogen <jboekeno@google.com> Update to support host use of mockito.

1) Download source necessary for host use. Sync'ed at the
same CL 635c5f8353b0e49c4d3f2c71cc250a681c2e4cd6 the repo
was currently at.
2) Remove host source from the target build. Should have no impact
on pre-existing projects.
3) Get build.gradle working for target only. Will update to fix the
host build later since it will require lots of dependent CLs.

Change-Id: I31d49f422af2d5910cfd7acf86d6627ee3ee7fc2
6c4e9659e02223565e17c32063e24c6907795687 02-May-2014 Jon Boekenoogen <jboekeno@google.com> Fix junit dep.

Change-Id: Ie4450fe36fe13bad1edd7fc252c04fdae9a6db59
4d0dcd53b27a243baf72ee0b127b188a058b318d 17-Mar-2014 Justin Morey <jmorey@google.com> Give gradle projects more human-friendly names

This simplifies tapas support, and should make working
with GmsCore in Android Studio easier

Change-Id: Ie0c6c2da2dac3ba96b31e87fda46ce2305ff6845
4e3be05dcc9183cf60171fbf5fecee42611e1b9f 05-Mar-2014 Justin Morey <jmorey@google.com> Tweak Gradle-generated JAR name, for consistency

Change-Id: Ibdc9e35d3ed10ec17376f3e50fccd588ff0f3635
f6a99b5271b53015835d364f8d67e4581aa416e3 05-Mar-2014 Justin Morey <jmorey@google.com> Preparing to add GmsCore automated tests to Gradle build

Change-Id: I1ae54b8b9ccaecb42f58c1360df603586994a159