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4944713f5c5b141966ac82973d6a31a634e8e01e 21-Mar-2014 Neil Fuller <nfuller@google.com> Pull upstream fixes from OkHttp

This synced to commit bda555ad61ef55e9ad6e4a30d2e9cfde5fc216ca
/ master / 21st March 2014.

Notably this contains a fix for apps that bundle an older
copy of OkHttp or which call android.net.http.HttpResponseCache.get()
or android.net.http.HttpResponseCache.put().

See for details:

Change-Id: I324ac76d8ee6a615c39dc8e19dc90169528ae072
c6bd683320121544811f481709b3fdbcbe9b3866 14-Mar-2014 Neil Fuller <nfuller@google.com> Upgrade OkHttp to newer code

This update includes changes up to
68affbd24d63620e1785ea847f1936760947b9ae / master /
14th March 2014.

Importantly, it contains a DiskLruCache fix which
broke several apps.

Change-Id: I8a489e6d0937a58fad10423154bad939ea4da868
3c938a3f6b61ce5e2dba0d039b03fe73b89fd26c 19-Feb-2014 Neil Fuller <nfuller@google.com> Update okhttp to a more recent commit.

Updating to upstream commit : 7b106923e078ac2435e8c8ce9d615f9903106ed8
/ 7th Mar 2014 / main branch.

The following changes were made to Android-only code:
1) HttpsHandler has been changed to deal with the fix for:
https://github.com/square/okhttp/issues/184 (commit 5d7fdba).
2) Platform.java changed to accomodate changes in okhttp Platform
method signatures.
3) .mk file updates to reflect src directory changes.

The following changes were made to OkHttp code:
1) Removal of org.codehaus.mojo.animal_sniffer.IgnoreJRERequirement
annotation from okio/src/main/java/okio/DeflaterSink.java

Change-Id: I644a883482ac7ee7d029785f110a2ca00762419b
166772be0e5cfdaea1a64b9f63e4c8dbfe48cba3 04-Nov-2013 Narayan Kamath <narayan@google.com> Update okhttp.

Updated to commit 19a21936ffbb5e358799af9e4fb7306af45f38.

This also moves src/ to okhttp/src/ to stay faithful
to the original okhttp tree & to make it easier to pull

Change-Id: Ia1971823f31e5c6957d831f368e3a1fcce38d44d