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5b6dc79427b8f7eeb6a7ff68034ab8548ce670ea 28-Feb-2013 Alexander Gutkin <agutkin@google.com> Bumped OpenFST implementation to openfst-1.3.3-CL41851770.

Updated OpenFST implementation to the most recent version
used by Greco3 (corresponds to nlp::fst exported at Perforce
CL 41851770).

In particular this version has an improved PDT support.

Change-Id: I5aadfc962297eef73922c67e7d57866f11ee7d81
f4c12fce1ee58e670f9c3fce46c40296ba9ee8a2 30-May-2012 Ian Hodson <idh@google.com> Add openfst to external, as used by GoogleTTS

Moved from GoogleTTS

Change-Id: I6bc6bdadaa53bd0f810b88443339f6d899502cc8