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65de34233da93a3d65c00b8aad3ff9aad44c57de 27-Sep-2014 Nick Kralevich <nnk@google.com> inital checkin: libpcre

This the initial commit of libpcre, the Perl Compatible Regular
Expression library (http://www.pcre.org/)

The files in the dist/ directory correspond to pcre version
8.36 and are unmodified.

$ sha256sum pcre-8.36.tar.bz2
ef833457de0c40e82f573e34528f43a751ff20257ad0e86d272ed5637eb845bb pcre-8.36.tar.bz2

The top level directory contains 3 symlinks pointing into dist,
and one Android.mk file.

The code compiles, and I've tested a small program to verify that
the functionality is correct. However, no extensive testing has
been done at this point.

Bug: 17682157

(cherry picked from commit f73ff17bddb7dc18ff9044773dd65d040e8f4fcf)

Change-Id: I4b365b49f3d6498b9df42a6ac2e229bf4f42019c