History log of /external/qemu/include/sysemu/dma.h
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1befd3440439e8181a31140674e847f2d3e1481e 15-Jan-2014 David 'Digit' Turner <digit@android.com> Bring <qemu/iov.h> and <qemu/typedefs.h>

The location of qemu_iovec_xxx functions has moved from util/cutils.c
to a new file util/iov.c, with a few changes in the function's
interface, so update all callers.

+ Bring in <qemu/typedefs.h> and fix the few conflicts there.

Change-Id: I851ad31c3e15a0e8a23266cbfd5d1a52630a66b7
bcde1092aca184dbd7860078af020de7d1e4e22f 09-Jan-2014 David 'Digit' Turner <digit@android.com> rename target_phy_addr_t to hwaddr to match upstream.

Upstream got rid of the target_phys_addr_t and replaced it with 'hwaddr',
so do the corresponding rename here. Note that:

- This also renames <exec/targphys.h> to <exec/hwaddr.h>

- Upstream always deins hwaddr as a 64-bit type, while the size of
our own hwaddr is still controlled by TARGET_PHYS_ADDR_BITS, and
will be 32 for now.

A future patch will change the type definition to fully match
upstream, but it is more risky / requires more cleanups. It's
simply cleaner / simpler to put the related work in a separate
patch, given the large number of sources touched by the
current change.

Change-Id: Iee30869a57798c12109b6a23570b166232bb9244
e1e03df288d5a44bfbffbd86588395c7cbbc27df 15-Dec-2013 David 'Digit' Turner <digit@android.com> Move more headers.

cbuffer.h, charpipe.h -> include/android/
cbuffer.c, charpipe.c -> android/
qemu_debug.h -> include/android/qemu-debug.h
block.h, block_int.h -> include/block/
elf.h -> include/
hax.h -> include/exec/
qemu-lock.h -> include/exec/spinlock.h
readline.h -> include/monitor/readline.h
qemu-common.h - include
qemu-barrier.h -> include/qemu/atomic.h
qemu-log.h -> include/qemu/log.h

Change-Id: I86b998932461caa35d347cd71b40bd6e4ec7d84d
34c48ff1e3ad5cd2084ca40188754d45f423750b 15-Dec-2013 David 'Digit' Turner <digit@android.com> Move headers to incude/sysemu/

+ arch_init.h, balloon.h, blockdev.h, dma.h, kvm.h,
sysemu.h -> include/sysemu/

+ kvm-android.h -> include/android/kvm.h

Change-Id: I3d334e1b6eea836fdcee9f36fe693cf4c74be54f