History log of /external/qemu/qobject/qdict.c
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910aea96b67d7f0357f586c47f20848ec435aa1b 15-Jan-2014 David 'Digit' Turner <digit@android.com> qapi: First integration of qapi definitions.

Brings headers (and some sources) related to the QEMU object
model up to date with regards to upstream. Note that this misses
several implementation files which are currently not used.

Also misses qemu/cpu.h since it defines CPUState in a completely
different way than our current sources.

Change-Id: I8ece10ff9fcab28cb2e7de3493be21b793b3c98a
aa8236dc1b1ea300ab18716db5b8fab42aca3ca7 10-Jan-2014 David 'Digit' Turner <digit@android.com> qemu-malloc.c: Remove qemu-specific heap routines.

Remove all uses of qemu_malloc/malloc0/realloc/free/strdup/etc to use
the equivalent GLib functions (g_malloc, g_free, ...) as per upstream.

This also removes qemu-malloc.c since it's no longer required.

Change-Id: I3c36a0396b73dd114b8da385b43f56a2e54dbb15
031d655004e505a15e92580a16a181d1d247c4d5 15-Dec-2013 David 'Digit' Turner <digit@android.com> Move qemu-queue.h -> include/qemu/queue.h

Change-Id: I2ef2c4aea2cdf73e834b013a11fb63a0eb720262
0fdfff3cce93e16179a454fd471cd1d9126204e0 14-Dec-2013 David 'Digit' Turner <digit@android.com> More missing include/qapi/qmp/ headers moved.

Change-Id: I83b1daddaaee42c7edbe533a13324a0dc78e0ed4
1c31e3e43ce4cca85a707dfff631e5e102fdeced 14-Dec-2013 David 'Digit' Turner <digit@android.com> Even more moves.

include/ui + ui/
include/qapi/qmp/ + qobject/

Change-Id: Ief236a08cb234d9dd692e85907757678ef32f035