History log of /external/smali/baksmali/Android.mk
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5fd395796e215a80c722815bf180728948868f18 13-Feb-2014 Ben Gruver <bgruv@google.com> Extract dexlib2 as a separate host library

Change-Id: Iae608e6b6f17e69096ec9f6154f38b579474d650
1d4637b3d94732a4eaa83b129054ee9245bed24e 13-Feb-2014 Ben Gruver <bgruv@google.com> Fix up the build files and some minor tweaks to build smali/baksmali 2.*

- Replace usages of FluentIterable, which isn't in the version of guava
in the AOSP tree
- Include pre-generated antlr sources, due to issues caused by the older
version of antlr in the AOSP tree

Change-Id: Ib05f4ab032cae551cc94acef05edc891befe473a
f3d921d1f8eb52f20440a0e43f604a7aae972e94 15-Feb-2013 Ben Gruver <bgruv@google.com> Fix up the Android.mk and scripts for the current version

Change-Id: I92afaca00f94d4547c81498b04f7eab60ba026a2
9b6ec9471cebdbd68639492825956b96f807e382 16-Nov-2011 Ben Gruver <bgruv@google.com> Changes for building in Android tree

This adds the Android.mk files and other miscellaneous changes necessary
for building smali/baksmali in the Android tree.

The ANTLR-based parser for smali is automatically generated from the ANTLR
parser definitions.

However, the jflex lexer needs to be manually generated using the runjflex.sh
script. The sources for the jflex lexer will be checked into the repository
whenever the lexer is updated and and the sources are regenerated.

Change-Id: I468f78f934e84daaeb86496110d614fe2d62b62b
Signed-off-by: Ben Gruver <bgruv@google.com>