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a721beb6d7372334152406a36e8db016650a9691 12-Jun-2012 Tareq A. Siraj <tareq.a.siraj@intel.com> Fixed build errors originated from stlport

The STLPort in the Android repository is the latest version and there
has not been any more updates to this project. Thus, we are locally
patching STLPort to fix build errors reported by clang.
- Introduced _STLP_UNUSED macro to fix un-used param warnings. (caused
build errors with -Werror)

Change-Id: I67a72cad71b3c05e517d59805291b2730bd1ee7c
Author: Tareq A. Siraj <tareq.a.siraj@intel.com>
Reviewed-by: Ariel Bernal <ariel.j.bernal@intel.com>
e46c9386c4f79aa40185f79a19fc5b2a7ef528b3 08-Feb-2010 Patrick Scott <phanna@android.com> Update STLPort and compile the library

Turn on most features of stl and compile the source for streams.