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3a5d1fa525bd73df0c6df0bb66829f92af791064 30-Apr-2014 Mark Salyzyn <salyzyn@google.com> stlport: if we can not throw, let us abort

Change-Id: I8b9ea8d48548bd879d03e605e200c0e7e7c73948
0e7a705cd6f755153c1f2cceb09af1e515ca9f1d 30-Apr-2014 Mark Salyzyn <salyzyn@google.com> stlport: deal with compile warnings

- In preparation for dependent projects to turn on
-Werror and -Wunused

Change-Id: Ibf1b146d8d389e8747ba1ea1735cb55722b85971
a721beb6d7372334152406a36e8db016650a9691 12-Jun-2012 Tareq A. Siraj <tareq.a.siraj@intel.com> Fixed build errors originated from stlport

The STLPort in the Android repository is the latest version and there
has not been any more updates to this project. Thus, we are locally
patching STLPort to fix build errors reported by clang.
- Introduced _STLP_UNUSED macro to fix un-used param warnings. (caused
build errors with -Werror)

Change-Id: I67a72cad71b3c05e517d59805291b2730bd1ee7c
Author: Tareq A. Siraj <tareq.a.siraj@intel.com>
Reviewed-by: Ariel Bernal <ariel.j.bernal@intel.com>
89f07d6a92dab765c534266a640933ebd2f6d9e4 27-Apr-2011 Chris Dearman <chris@mips.com> [MIPS] enable STL build for Android

Signed-off-by: Chris Dearman <chris@mips.com>

The conditional compilation of __Named_exception has been broken since
STLport release 5.1.0 in Nov 2005. This class has been unconditionally
included for all non-Mips compilers on all platforms, which was not the
original intent. Since then, changes elsewhere in _ios_base.h and _exception.h
have (unintentionally?) required __Named_exception in all uses, but this
went unnoticed until the Mips port of Android.

The current change has the same treatment of __Named_exception on all
platforms and compilers, including Mips Android gcc, and also the
SGI o32 Ugen compiler. An identical (unexplained) change by Mips is
in the NDK copy of STLport.

The conditional compilation checks around definitions and use of
__Named_exception should someday be made identical, by the STLport designer.

The condition
!(defined(_MIPS_SIM) && defined(_ABIO32) && (_MIPS_SIM == _ABIO32))
is not obvious. This dates from v3.11 in July 1998 when this STL
library was only for SGI machines. It was then a test of whether the
code was being compiled by Mips' original 32-bit-ABI Ugen compier,
or instead SGI's second-generation MIPSpro compiler. The reason
for handling these compilers differently is not documented anywhere,
but was likely a workaround for some issue in one compiler.
These same flags are now defined by gcc compilers for Mips.

It is safe to now eliminate the ABIO32 check, because no active STLport
users have tried building with the Ugen compiler for many years
(otherwise they would have encountered build errors).

Change-Id: I38474a6b6616714fe3a611100adacf418cc3ae1d
e46c9386c4f79aa40185f79a19fc5b2a7ef528b3 08-Feb-2010 Patrick Scott <phanna@android.com> Update STLPort and compile the library

Turn on most features of stl and compile the source for streams.