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af3e2eba53c86b352f49634dcffd23775b3de6be 29-Feb-2012 Scott Anderson <saa@android.com> Android port

Add an Android.mk, a pre-built configuration header
(src/stressapptest_config_android.h) and add an ifdef to use that
header and avoid using namespace __gnu_cxx.

Change-Id: I4fe1f02d46caa9f47bfb644faae7ec095c1517e0
Signed-off-by: Scott Anderson <saa@android.com>
8f1c60d605d31447b4f9ccf86029790bed3fb3f3 17-Feb-2012 Scott Anderson <saa@android.com> Improve portability.

At a high level, #ifdefs were added to the code to allow it to be
used on systems that were missing various libraries, function and

configure.ac was enhanced to test for more of these things and
set defines to indicate their presence or absence. In addition,
it was slightly tweaked to match the output of autoscan.
autoheader and autoconf were ran to update the configure files.

The goal was that the resultant code should not be modified if
the libraries/functions/defines were all present. The code for
the cases where something is missing is workable, but can
probably be improved.

ifdefs newly added to the code include:

Signed-off-by: Scott Anderson <saa@android.com>
b0114cb9f332db144f65291211ae65f7f0e814e6 09-Apr-2012 Scott Anderson <saa@android.com> Initial version of stressapptest

From http://stressapptest.googlecode.com/files/stressapptest-1.0.4_autoconf.tar.gz
with the addition of MODULE_LICENSE_APACHE2 and NOTICE.

Change-Id: I1f3e80fce2c500766bcc7a67d7d42e485ddf57b4