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af51b94a435132e9014c324e25fb686b3d07a8c8 28-Aug-2014 Vikas Arora <vikasa@google.com> Sync-patch with libwebp ver 0.4.1

Sync-patch with libwebp ver 0.4.1-rc1 (change#I5346984d2).
- NEON assembly optimizations:
- ~25% faster lossy decode / encode (-m 4)
- ~10% faster lossless decode
- ~5-10% faster lossless encode (-m 3/4)
- Arch64 (arm64) & MIPS support/optimizations.
The bug for this request is b/16624377

Ran (OK/Pass) following cts tests for N7 (Razor/flo) & N8 (Volantis/flounder).

cts-tradefed run cts -d -c android.graphics.cts.BitmapTest
cts-tradefed run cts -d -c android.graphics.cts.BitmapFactoryTest
cts-tradefed run cts -d -c android.graphics.cts.BitmapRegionDecoderTest
cts-tradefed run cts -d -c android.graphics.cts.Bitmap_CompressFormatTest
cts-tradefed run cts -d -c android.graphics.cts.Bitmap_ConfigTest
cts-tradefed run cts -d -c android.graphics.cts.BitmapFactory_OptionsTest
cts-tradefed run cts -d -c android.graphics.cts.BitmapShaderTest

Change-Id: Idf2756b8881d10001c0663bca454aac86ab30a39