History log of /external/webrtc/src/system_wrappers/source/trace_impl_no_op.cc
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a6451827d543eb00824bc95097e47d0aac51ae93 17-Sep-2012 Alexander Gutkin <agutkin@google.com> Added fixed point iSAC codec implementation.

- Added fixed-point iSAC audio codec implementation (from stable r2699).
- Updated system wrappers (from stable r2699).
- Some cosmetic makefile changes.

Change-Id: If75d503698c11a4e4ceb851529127aadfe52f255
c55a96383497a772a307b346368133960b02ad03 31-Jan-2012 Eric Laurent <elaurent@google.com> update to webrtc revision 1349

Updated audio processing modules from revision 180 to 1349.
Main changes are:
- code clean up and reformating
- source path reorganization
- improved performance

Also imported test code that was not included in initial
drop from webrtc.

Change-Id: Ie4eb0e29990052e5f2d7f0b271b42eead40dbb6a