History log of /external/wpa_supplicant_8/wpa_supplicant/src/ap/wpa_auth_i.h
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d11f019d62a42a8fc4c4d1f2ec17cf35b0763153 24-Mar-2014 Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com> Cumulative patch from commit 31ded52e7084976c5f84caae6cb55e632dd8b013

31ded52 SME: Add more debug prints for OBSS scans and 20/40 MHz co-ex report
7f8eb34 SME: Fix OBSS scan result processing for 20/40 MHz co-ex report
b7a8d67 Allow hostapd to advertise 40 MHz intolerant HT capability
692ec30 FT: Add support for postponing FT response
6ace13a P2P: Clean up channel selection code to use helper functions
70c3523 WPS: Comment out unused AP WEP config write with WPS 2.0
c3ba70f P2P: Update op_reg_class in random social channel case
70634ee hostapd: Check driver DFS offload capability for channel disablement
65d645c nl80211: Fetch DFS offload capability from driver
a500f31 WPS: Comment out unused AP WEP config update with WPS 2.0
be4e5af Add SAE and FT-SAE key_mgmt to hostapd GET_CONFIG
1d4fe3b Remove unnecessary parameter validation
94b84bc P2P: Avoid unsafe pre-configured channel as channel preference
d3c9c35 Add freq= parameter to 'set pno' command
b998236 dbus: Implement P2P Peers info IEs buffer getter
c6f356f dbus: Export the peer's device address as a property
442adfd dbus: Declare properly ServiceDiscoveryRequest method
8903741 dbus: Cancelling a service request always reply by an error
13494c4 dbus: Remove duplicate signal declaration
513dcec Don't overwrite channel on hostapd config reload
5eae87a P2P: Fix GO failed interface init
c46235a wpa_supplicant: Fix radio_remove_interface
2ce7e4f Android: Enable CONFIG_EAP_AKA_PRIME option
95bf699 Add get_radio_name() driver wrapper for wpa_supplicant
d06ecab D-Bus: Make p2p_no_group_iface configurable
8b6b6d8 Fix hostapd.conf description of HT40+

Change-Id: I5e776f71050a106195a39e96d0c38930a387a806
Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>
b36ed7cd946148d829f311de8fe53ea3ffaaffe3 17-Mar-2014 Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com> Cumulative patch from commit f4e3860f8a770a0db3816196c77baf894c7ccc1e

f4e3860 Fix AP mode default TXOP Limit values for AC_VI and AC_VO
47bd94a TLS testing: Add new test cases for RSA-DHE primes
f5bbb2f TLS client: Reject RSA-DHE prime if it shorter than 768 bits
817742f TLS testing: Fix test_flags check for ApplData report
1120e45 Allow config blobs to be set through ctrl_iface
c3722e1 ACS: Fix VHT20
49b7443 Fix HT40 co-ex scan for some pri/sec channel switches
5bdac4a Remove unused STA entry information
c9d9ee9 Fix hostapd_add_iface error path to deinit partially initialized BSS
6829da3 Fix external radio_work deinit path
8dd9f9c Allow management group cipher to be configured
67d39cf P2P: Do not create another group interface on NFC Token enable
6aa1cd4 wpa_supplicant: Apply VHT_OVERRIDES to wpas_start_assoc_cb()
db63757 hostapd: Supply default parameters for OBSS scan
6e9375e TDLS: Add get_capability tdls command
67e1a40 hostapd: For VHT 20/40, allow center segment 0 to be zero
d0bf06f GAS server: Remove incomplete remote ANQP processing
fdb4535 WPS: Extend per-station PSK to support ER case as well
9a1a538 wpa_supplicant AP: Allow PMF to be enabled with ieee80211w
ce6b9cd Allow reason code to be specified for DEAUTH/DISASSOC test frame
dda8be7 TDLS: Use QoS info from WMM IE obtained in TDLS frames
3a8ec73 P2P: Report dev_found event (if not yet done) from GO Neg Req RX
0f23a5e Mark AP disabled if initialization steps fail

Change-Id: I7e499241552147c734fec9b77351b47ffd6e3a7c
Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>
cf32e60fa7e0d33fe1551a6dba8dcbbec47ea50e 28-Jan-2014 Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com> Cumulative patch from commit 2e988392436227c51002b573ee27a8cee37f70e9

2e98839 P2P: Disable DNS server from dnsmasq
c07f261 P2P NFC: Add script for connection handover with nfcpy
12288d8 WPS NFC: Protect nfcpy pretty print calls against exceptions
c209dd1 WPS NFC: nfcpy script to use new connection handover design
6202500 WPS NFC: Logging level configuration to wps-nfc.py and wps-ap-nfc.py
1f1b5b3 WPS NFC: Clean up nfcpy script no-wait operations
79ede5a WPS NFC: Validate ctrl_iface response before decoding it
ab1db08 WPS NFC: Use argparse in the nfcpy scripts
6f8fa6e WPS NFC: Update wps-nfc.py and wps-ap-nfc.py to use new nfcpy API
b56f6c8 P2P NFC: Add support for freq option in NFC ctrl_iface commands
91a6501 WPS NFC: Use BSSID and AP Channel from handover select
91226e0 WPS: Add testing option to corrupt public key hash
7312776 WPS NFC: add more debug prints for connection handover report
5cd4f66 WPS NFC: Use AP Channel information from credential container
d2f1837 WPS NFC: Add BSSID and AP channel info to Configuration Token
75dbf98 WPS-STRICT: Update valid Device Password ID and Config Error range
5cd4740 P2P NFC: WPA state machine config with driver-based BSS selection
8e9f53c P2P NFC: Static handover with NFC Tag on client
dd87677 P2P NFC: Enable own NFC Tag on GO Registrar
abe44e3 P2P NFC: Add GO info into handover message when in client role
23318be P2P NFC: Optimize join-a-group operation based on NFC information
86e3208 P2P NFC: Copy DH parameters to a separate group interface
d4b4d7f WPS NFC: Update DH keys for ER operations
ac08752 WPS NFC: Use pubkey mismatch config error from Enrollee
59b45d1 P2P NFC: Add processing of P2P client while NFC handover case
74df9ec P2P NFC: Do not try to join peer if both devices are already GO
201b0f5 P2P: Add test option to disable IP address assignment request
25ef852 P2P: Add support for IP address assignment in 4-way handshake
fdd48ff P2P NFC: Optimize GO Negotiation retries
c4f87a7 P2P NFC: Add NFC tag enabling for static handover
dd37a93 P2P NFC: Report handover select from tag for static handover
db6ae69 P2P NFC: Report connection handover as trigger for P2P
9358878 P2P NFC: Build connection handover messages
c00ab85 P2P NFC: Define WPS_NFC config method
0deab08 P2P NFC: Allow separate WPS/P2P IES to be parsed
fca9958 P2P NFC: Pass OOB Dev Password through P2P parser
ab9e344 P2P NFC: Pass OOB Device Password ID to P2P
5154689 P2P NFC: Add WPS attribute building for P2P NFC
01afd8d P2P NFC: Add NDEF helpers for P2P connection handover messages
9e323a2 P2P NFC: Add OOB GO Negotiation Channel attribute
14d8645 WPS NFC: Allow BSSID and channel to be included in handover select
50d1f89 NFC: Update WPS ER to use the new connection handover design
d950793 WPS NFC: Add support for wpa_supplicant AP/GO mode to use handover
fa4c298 WPS NFC: Process new style handover select
068cdb1 WPS NFC: New style connection handover select from AP/Registrar
3189ca0 WPS NFC: Add AP mode connection handover report
41f9ffb WPS NFC: Build new style carrier record for connection handover request
3f1639d WPS NFC: Split DH key generation to a separate function
9754917 WPS NFC: Update NFC connection handover design
34b6795 WPS NFC: Use abbreviated handshake if both PK hashes delivered OOB
57630e6 WPS: Preparations for allowing SSID filtering for provisioning step
5f45455 WPS NFC: Validate peer public key hash on Enrollee
ff40cd6 WPS NFC: Send M2D with config error 20 on pkhash mismatch
e435417 WPS: Remove Version attribute from NFC messages
72403ec WPS: Add builder functions for AP Channel and RF Bands attributes
ea43ad9 P2P: Make group operating channel available
9f7cd9a P2P: Split add-group-info into a helper function
253f2e3 P2P: Apply unsafe frequency rules to available channels
1682c62 Add a header file defining QCA OUI and vendor extensions

Change-Id: Ia7604d018e1ffb25e06bdc01ce258fc4a0569245
Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>
fb79edc9df1f20461e90e478363d207348213d35 10-Jan-2014 Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com> Cumulative patch from commit 95fb2db2420d8fa291fd6423cc6dbcd042f4eb46

95fb2db P2P: Reject group formation on WPS provisioning failure
6fc61e1 Fix TX status processing during AP mode shutdown in wpa_supplicant
90a545c nl80211: Clean up netlink parsing and debug prints
b6a9590 Interworking: Keep up to two pending GAS_REQUEST responses
090b8e3 Update copyright notices for the new year 2014
991aa9c nl80211: Move CS supported flag to wpa_driver_capa
f0cbb98 Add DRIVER-STATUS command for hostapd
188ebcd EAP-IKEv2 peer: Fix a memory leak in notify round
a190189 Remove PEAPv2 support
16a19dd EAP-pwd peer: Allow fragmentation limit to be configured
60bf585 EAP-IKEv2 peer: Allow fragmentation limit to be configured
ea6fc58 WPS: Convert printf() debug print to use wpa_printf()
c4b8c71 EAP-GPSK: Report CSuite negotiation failure properly
5a0f596 EAP-GPSK: Allow forced algorithm selection to be configured
5f01c3c EAP peer: Improve failure reporting from METHOD with no eapRespData
7271ee8 Fix EAP-GPSK server compilation for SHA256 cipher suite
356d148 Interworking: Add optional freq argument to INTERWORKING_SELECT
a09ffd5 Fix req_scan-deplete-timeout and update eloop API for this
083916c P2P: Clear p2p_disabled and p2p_per_sta_psk on FLUSH command
3f45fc4 P2P: Clear services on FLUSH command
1f965e6 Allow external programs to request wpa_radio work items
6428d0a Do not start wpa_radio work during externally triggered scan
6470f47 Remove unneeded scan delay on connection-in-progress
4bb2321 Remove unneeded GAS query delay on connection-in-progress
6ac4b15 Use wpa_radio work for connection
b9e6d70 Use radio work for GAS requests
e05e130 P2P: Use radio work to protect offchannel Action frame exchanges
e1d1c8e Use radio work for P2P Listen requests
1b5d471 Use radio work for P2P scan requests
d12a51b Use radio work for scan requests
b1ae396 Add framework for exclusive radio operations
dd43aaa Add helper functions for cloning and freeing scan parameters
06f9acc Ignore externally triggered scan results with scan_res_handler
c9b5559 Clean up ctrl_iface debug prints for monitor events
d31b5ac Use cleaner debug print for ctrl_iface commands with private info
9595151 Remove duplicated RX ctrl_iface hexdump
9b85079 Fix scan-cache-clearing operation to avoid unnecessary cases
2f30cac Avoid unnecessary key clearing operations
466bcf9 Remove some unnecessary EAPOL port (un)authorized callbacks
949938a Ask driver to report only new scan results if requested
a1a31b6 Remove hostapd dump_file functionality
ea23df6 Make EAPOL dump data available through ctrl_iface STA command
96ea74b Convert EAPOL authenticator dump into easier to parse format
ca3b71c Remove hostapd dump_file data that is available through ctrl_iface
4c03a2b Make RADIUS server MIB available through control interface
f538be3 Add more STA information into the ctrl_iface STA command
101bdc2 Remove forgotten notes about already removed driver wrappers
7006753 Update EAP-FAST note regarding OpenSSL support
17b79e6 nl80211: Initial support for vendor commands and events
5890fa8 WPS: Fix clear-from-timeout handling to avoid race condition
c64e3a0 P2P: Send received Presence Response information to ctrl_iface monitors
f7fb676 ACS: Mark acs_fail() static
3cf06c9 OpenSSL: Include sha1/sha256 header files to verify declarations
5ace51a WNM: Clean up le16 variable use to avoid sparse warnings
c583868 Mark wpas_wps_er_nfc_handover_sel() static
8cf1e68 Move declaration of hostapd_acs_completed() into correct header file
0187c41 Declare wpa_debug_* variables in src/utils/wpa_debug.h
fcc6123 Declare wpa_drivers in src/drivers/driver.h
0d79b50 Clear EAPOL Logoff state on FLUSH command
327b01d nl80211: Add driver param for forcing monitor and connect APIs
6f06766 nl80211: Fix nl_mgmt handling in partial error case
4ea6a47 nl80211: Prefer newer scan result over older during duplicate removal
2eef517 nl80211: Report set_supp_port failures in debug log
a0bdd19 nl80211: Share a helper function for connect and associate commands
e00d546 Remove unnecessary build #ifdef from definitions
4848a38 Get rid of duplicated cipher suite and AKM definitions
de4ed4a nl80211: Use helper functions for cipher suite mapping
a565084 nl80211: Set control port for NL80211_CMD_COMMAND
ef93abd WPS: Clean up UUID debug print
35f3d3e nl80211: Clean up regulatory rule debug prints
880de88 nl80211: Print frame registration match on same debug line
03ed332 Interworking: Allow cred blocks not to be saved to a file
04f7ecc Reset WPA parameters to default values on FLUSH command
152cff6 P2P: Remove WPA_DRIVER_FLAGS_P2P_MGMT option
538d6f4 WPS: Use shorter scan interval during pre-provisioning search
3187fd9 WPS: Replace wpas_wps_in_progress with identical wpas_wps_searching
4414d9e SAE: Fix ECC element y coordinate validation step
069fb47 EAP-EKE: Allow forced algorithm selection to be configured
3a88914 Remove unused information element parsing data
dbfb8e8 Remove unnecessary EVENT_RX_ACTION
1450e1e Define __maybe_unused
912b34f Do not process Action frames twice in hostapd SME/MLME
006309b Fix whitespace style
6780713 WPS: Remove unused send_wpabuf()
e912986 tests: Verify concurrent WPS protocol run with assigned PIN
8aaafce Make local UUID available through ctrl_iface STATUS command
0e22b8d WPS: Make sure reconfiguration timeout is not left behind on deinit
75d1d0f WPS: Allow testing mode to disable 2.0 functionality
f7e2542 Remove unused wps_device_data_dup()
c89d9db Remove unnecessary extra tracking of eloop registration
c86bf16 Replace unnecessary hex_value() with hex2byte()
7b02375 Clear wps_fragment_size on FLUSH command
aa189ac Enable FT with SAE
2d2ecf5 nl80211: Fix protected Action frame reporting for AP mode
db76aa6 Fix PeerKey 4-way handshake
7732729 Fix PeerKey deinit behavior
8d321a7 WNM: Move disassociation imminent sending to wnm_ap.c
b76f4c2 hostapd: Make STA flags available through ctrl_iface STA command
aa03dbd Remove IEEE80211_REQUIRE_AUTH_ACK
121f2ab Remove unused STA flags
3578e66 WNM: Add STA flag to indicate the current WNM-Sleep-Mode state
4776897 WNM: Fix AP processing without wnm_oper driver callback
2025cad WNM: Move ESS Disassoc Imminent sending to a helper function
28ab64a WNM: Minimal processing of BSS Transition Management Query/Response
2cd0f6a WNM: Add Target BSSID into BSS Transition Management Response
a8a6a35 WNM: Use nonzero dialog token in BSS Transition Management Query
629edfe WNM: Fix Sleep Mode AP processing in open network
3c1060f WNM: Add debug logs to get the RSSI from the scan results
dff1e28 Initial handling of GTK-not-used cipher suite
51e3eaf OpenSSL: Do not accept SSL Client certificate for server
6bf61fb OpenSSL: Use certificates from TLS authentication in OCSP stapling
c962947 WPS ER: Fix deinit timeout handling with delayed/failing unsubscribe
7b75c30 WPS: Reschedule AP configuration reload on EAP completion
c511b32 WPS: Remove old duplicate network even if key is different
9d2cb3e Make CONFIG_TESTING_OPTIONS=y enable all testing options
662b40b WPS: Reduce scan wait time during WPS processing
015af91 Do not use results from externally requested scan for network selection
1cd93ff Reschedule own scan request if an externally started one is in progress
dc3906c Show timing information about scan requests in debug log
d81c73b Optional scan id for ctrl_iface SCAN requests
a5f40ef Track whether scan was started by us or an external program
18ae237 Fix comment format
88c2d48 Allow passive scan to be requested with SCAN passive=1
3ae3ec2 nl80211: Add scanned frequencies/SSIDs into debug log
69278f7 Remove unused last_scan_full
1f5d2dd Interworking: Allow EAP-FAST to be used
6ffa168 Add GAS-QUERY-START and GAS-QUERY-DONE event messages
93827f4 hostapd: Allow external management frame processing or testing
fee5234 Allow channel list to be specified for SCAN command
98eda9c Move int_array helpfer functions to utils/common.c
a4cfb48 Add make lcov-html to generate code coverage report
bee25cc nl80211: Fetch cipher capabilities from the driver
4daa011 Clean up cipher capability prints
35c2006 Convert wpa_hexdump functions to use void pointer instead of u8 *
5f9c134 Remove obsolete license notifications
bd1e328 Android: Remove old WEXT extensions
bad5cdf Verify that beacon setup succeeds before proceeding
7d7f7be Verify group key configuration for WPA group
30675c3 Add definitions for new cipher suites from IEEE Std 802.11ac-2013
13b24a7 VHT: Use status code 104 to indicate VHT required
ab41595 wpa_supplicant: Fix crash when terminating all interfaces
76aab03 Add secondary channel IE for CSA
8f4713c Store entire CS freq_params and not only freq
13daed5 Include driver.h in hostapd.h
a12d345 wpa_supplicant: Use monotonic time for last_scan check
51bffab WPS: Use monotonic time for AP connection attempt
6473e5c wpa_supplicant: Use relative time for TKIP Michael MIC failures
4e1eae1 wpa_supplicant: Use monotonic time for temp-disabled networks
151ab80 P2P: Use monotonic time for GO client waiting
3326f19 IBSS RSN: Use monotonic time for reinit detection
196a217 WPS_UPNP: Use monotonic time for event debouncing
864c9af wps_registrar: Use monotonic time for PBC workaround
61e98e9 wps_registrar: Use monotonic time for PBC session timeout
3647e5a wps_registrar: Use monotonic time for PIN timeout
3618618 rsn_supp: Use monotonic time for PMKSA cache expiry
c2be937 wpa_supplicant: Use monotonic time for EAPOL RX workaround
e72a001 bgscan: Use monotonic time
e05f060 rsn_supp: Do not track expiration time
5870717 RADIUS server: Use monotonic time
4012804 RADIUS client: Use monotonic time
acb69ce wpa_supplicant: Use monotonic time for RX/BSS times
46b8d4c wpa_supplicant: Use monotonic time for SA query timeout
f073fde EAP server: Remove SIM-DB pending timestamp
636e19a wpa_ctrl: Use monotonic time for request retry loop
7ffe7d2 AP: Use monotonic time for MMIC failure/TKIP countermeasures
dd4e32b AP: Use monotonic time for PMKSA cache
0fc545a AP: Use monotonic time for STA accounting
3e06180 bgscan_learn: Start scanning from the first freq
f4c73ae bgscan_learn: Fix initial interval
7dab119 bgscan_learn: Avoid redundant frequencies
3727123 bgscan: Stop bgscan only on disassociation
b2838ba Update IBSS documentation to include RSN option
429dd9a Advertise QoS Map support based on driver capability
049105b nl80211: Add support for QoS Map configuration
74ddd64 nl80211: Sync with mac80211-next.git
9fcd300 nl80211: Sync with wireless-testing.git

Change-Id: Iabdd88d9cabd478a41c3cb0a8d061b425cc1beca
Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>
391c59f0632df8db1c325da1d31d479b2eedce45 03-Sep-2013 Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com> Cumulative patch from commit b2b688d18d40cd667d0faa149b4a7172166b3bd4

b2b688d P2P: Fix crash when failed to create GO interface
6197169 WPS NFC: Fix build without CONFIG_AP=y
e1ae5d7 SAE: Fix build without CONFIG_AP=y
813e7b3 P2P: Remove group from timeout on PSK failure
5bf9a6c P2P: Add event messages for possible PSK failures on P2P groups
eac8dab P2P: Document per-client keys and p2p_remove_client
43c693c P2P: Do not store duplicate PSK entries for the same device
f2c5660 P2P: Add a command for removing a client from all groups
01a57fe P2P: Maintain list of per-client PSKs for persistent groups
759fd76 P2P: Select PSK based on Device Address instead of Interface Address
94ddef3 P2P: Make peer's P2P Device Address available to authenticator
52177fb P2P: Store P2P Device Address in per-device PSK records
05766ed P2P: Allow per-device PSK to be assigned
698e921 wpa_cli: Add tab completion for p2p_set field values
0b5fb86 P2P: Stop listen state when listen-only duration is over
02a3e5c wpa_cli: Allow first DISCONNECTED event to be reported
cdf8bfa Disallow WEP configuration in WPA network
731ef43 D-Bus: Fix per-iface object unregistration on not existing objects
447969e D-Bus: Do not send network notification for all P2P groups
eb32460 Fix switching from EAP-SIM to EAP-AKA/AKA'
f2b3f4d P2P: Allow P2P functionality to be disabled per interface
50f4f2a hostapd: Add Automatic Channel Selection (ACS) support
43ee470 P2P: Immediate group removal in GC in case of deauthentication
fcf2052 Fix MNC length for Swisscom SIM cards

Bug: 10606228, 10513949

Change-Id: I63ba0e2ab4fa76e6afa7a34be42e8e847e1511b0
Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>
a54fa5fb807eaeff45464139b5a7759f060cec68 15-Jan-2013 Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com> Accumulative patch from commit dc013f1e37df3462085cf01a13f0c432f146ad7a

Author: Jouni Malinen <jouni@qca.qualcomm.com>
Date: Tue Jan 15 12:03:29 2013 +0200
eapol_test: Remove unnecessary header file inclusion

- P2P: Send P2P-FIND-STOPPED event in the new continue-search states
- P2P: Add some more details on Service Query TLV format
- P2P: Use the same Dialog Token value for every GO Negotiation retry
- P2P: Publish more connected clients info in Probe Response frames
- P2P: Fix some memory leaks in p2p_add_device()
- P2P: Use the same Dialog Token value for every PD retry
- P2P: Document operating channel selection functions
- P2P: Always re-select operating channel if not hard coded
- P2P: Do not allow re-selection of GO channel if forced_freq in use
- P2P: Set FORCE_FREQ flag as part of p2p_prepare_channel()
- P2P: Share a single function for GO channel selection
- P2P: Prefer operating channels where HT40 is possible
- P2P: Be more careful with wpa_config_update_psk() call
- P2P: Allow PSK to be used instead of passphrase for persistent GO
- P2P: Consider age for the P2P scan results
- Move some P2P offchannel operations to offchannel.c
- P2P: Add more complete description of p2p_cancel
- P2P: Allow p2p_cancel to be used to stop p2p_connect-join operation
- Interworking changes
- WNM changes
- WPS changes
- SAE changes

Change-Id: I38b847d3460066cc58aecbcf67266bfcff1d344e
Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>
61d9df3e62aaa0e87ad05452fcb95142159a17b6 30-Aug-2012 Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com> wpa_supplicant: Update to 29-Aug-2012 TOT

commit 6ffdc2f7bd496ace7a46e055f9714e7db4b1f722
Author: Jouni Malinen <jouni@qca.qualcomm.com>
Date: Fri Mar 2 22:31:04 2012 +0200

WFD: Add preliminary WSD request processing and response

This commit does not yet address support for different device roles,
i.e., the same set of subelements are returned regardless of which
role was indicated in the request.

Signed-hostap: Jouni Malinen <jouni@qca.qualcomm.com>

Change-Id: I9d63acce719b982c02e589bb59602382e82988c8
Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>
c5ec7f57ead87efa365800228aa0b09a12d9e6c4 07-Mar-2012 Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com> Update to new version 0.8.22 from BRCM

- Based on 0c01d65 : Ignore TX status for Data frames from not associated

Change-Id: I2776ff8e292593f407bf5b9177640c512e06bf0d
Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>
1f69aa52ea2e0a73ac502565df8c666ee49cab6a 25-Jan-2012 Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com> Update to new version 0.8.16 from BRCM

Sync with main tree commit b8349523e460493fa0b4de36c689595109e45e91
Author: Neeraj Kumar Garg <neerajkg@broadcom.com>
Date: Tue Dec 27 23:21:45 2011 +0200
P2P: Reject p2p_group_add if forced frequency is not acceptable

Change-Id: Icb4541a371b05c270e80440d7a7fdea7f33ff61e
Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>
8d520ff1dc2da35cdca849e982051b86468016d8 09-May-2011 Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com> wpa_supplicant: Initial Revision 0.8.X

Based on:
commit 0725cc7b7efc434910e89865c42eda7ce61bbf08
Author: Jouni Malinen <j@w1.fi>
Date: Thu Apr 21 20:41:01 2011 +0300

Enable CONFIG_DRIVER_NL80211=y in the default configuration

nl80211 should be preferred over WEXT with any recent Linux
kernel version.

Change-Id: I26aec5afbbd4f4a1f5fd900912545b6f5050de64
Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>