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f269b8e0e9ab950fc6652b9594b7a3431c81630c 10-Jun-2014 Eric Laurent <elaurent@google.com> audio policy: use factory to create audio policy manager

Use the class factory to create the audio policy mamager
instead of AudioPolicyManager class constructor and
use a pointer to an AudioPolicyInterface.

Change-Id: Ibb5a8eee5d597db67cf13f279c909181cfee9949
7a0aecb09a562fec144c07aeb7a3468a1e6da52e 23-May-2014 Eric Laurent <elaurent@google.com> audio policy: enable use of new AudioPolicyManager

Do not define USE_LEGACY_AUDIO_POLICY by default.
By default, all devices will now use the new audio policy implementation
in AudioPolicyManager.cpp

To continue using the legacy audio policy implemented by
AudioPolicyManagerBase in libhardware_legacy a device should
define USE_LEGACY_AUDIO_POLICY in its makefile.

Change-Id: I7b8cac3cbb24b11105ba6233501c7212f5985727
98c6be0e30fa28e752b13f3dd5986d41710bb7ae 21-May-2014 Eric Laurent <elaurent@google.com> audio policy: split audio policy library

Split audio policy library into a service part and a policy part.
This will allow OEMs to customize the policy part:
- libaudiopolicyservice for the service.
- libaudiopolicymanager for the policy.

Two build options can be defined in device make file to select
the policy library:
- USE_LEGACY_AUDIO_POLICY = 1: this will use the legacy policy
in hardware/libhardware_legacy implemented by AudioPolicyManagerBase class.
This policy is loaded as a harware module and exposes the audio policy HAL
defined in include/hardware/audio_policy.h and is in a library called
audio_policy.XXX.so (e.g audio_policy.default.so)

The legacy HAL will not be updated with new features.

If USE_LEGACY_AUDIO_POLICY is not defined, the policy is implemented by
a class named AudioPolicyManager exposing an interface defined in
The corresponding library is libaudiopolicymanager.so.

New features will be added only to AudioPolicyInterface.h

The default implementation is provided here in file AudioPolicyManager.cpp

OEMs wanting to cutomize the policy can implement the AudioPolicyManager class
and provide the libaudiopolicymanager.so library.
In this case the device make file should define:

For now, USE_LEGACY_AUDIO_POLICY = 1 is forced in audio policy service make file.
This will be removed when the new audio policy is enabled.

Change-Id: I066799dacc9b182b468a43d48ff7798c9109a414
dce54a1492c410ad0d93253b341fb33305337505 10-Mar-2014 Eric Laurent <elaurent@google.com> audio policy: add option to use new policy manager

Add build option USE_LEGACY_AUDIO_POLICY to use either new
audio policy manager in local AudioPolicyManager.cpp
or the legacy AudioPolicyManagerBase.cpp via the policy HAL.

New features will be implemented only by the new audio policy manager.
Platform customiization will be by config file or new policy HAL.

AudioPolicyClientImplLegacy.cpp copied from AudioPolicyClientImpl.cpp
AudioPolicyInterfaceImplLegacy.cpp copied from AudioPolicyInterfaceImpl.cpp

New implementations of AudioPolicyInterface and AudioPolicyClient talking directly to

Change-Id: I7a320883a1de13de2c9295343e996addf2f3c154
c7e5040aa8b8e4da86814bf560346c7571e48087 06-Mar-2014 Eric Laurent <elaurent@google.com> move audio policy service to a separate library

Change-Id: Ibc3ef07aa9860b7fd4f9aaff27b0dbe0dcbf1cbf
77536f9f8fc030379102c9e36ad21ce5b2ab234c 30-Oct-2012 Glenn Kasten <gkasten@google.com> Remove obsolete libmedia_native

Bug: 6654403
Change-Id: Ic979a7890e2f4ef3f5409af14372eb52196e6dea