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27cba3895282ac1da1f1d43d37d53f8113527569 23-Jan-2013 Adam Powell <adamp@google.com> Touch action bar title text: you will go to space today!

Title/subtitle text in an action bar is now a full alias for home/up.

Add some prototype ActionBar functionality around titles for future
API consideration.

Bug 7966136

Change-Id: I14377121dcb976d0a5f1e1862f35c3d267eb5458
fd75eef161e93a39c87699b6c938b8298ee8f78b 02-Aug-2012 Adam Powell <adamp@google.com> Animate the action bar's Up chevron as it shows and hides.

Change-Id: I2cf0283cc644a62ad83cb5641b8f56cc8229b86f
cf1ba0298c48ae56608ed556dc715eb69c54f9b9 26-Jun-2012 Fabrice Di Meglio <fdimeglio@google.com> Make ActionBar aware of layout direction

- see bug #5429822 UI should be mirrored for RTL locales (Arabic, Hebrew, farsi)

Change-Id: Iea8a512311ee99548f39bbbe342f21eabaffbe09
f242368f38b21479763d6e07174547c610a51c5c 11-Aug-2011 Adam Powell <adamp@google.com> More fun with action bars and themes!

Fix bug 5144738 - Allow user to define pressed state asset for action
bar. Added android:actionBarItemBackground theme attribute. This
allows themes to define item pressed states for the action bar
independent of the standard selectableItemBackground.

Fix bug 5145416 - Custom view in action bar should use themed context
when inflating resource ID. Also applies to tab custom views.

Fix bug 5135550 - Tab divider height / Color should match spec. Added
actionBarDivider theme attribute. Similar to actionBarItemBackground
above, this allows apps to maintain proper contrast when the bar has a
different contrast profile than the rest of the activity.

Fix bug 5154778 - Theme.Holo.Light.DarkActionBar in themes.xml and
search_bar.xml are still referencing the deprecated title_bar_shadow
when we should be pointing to ab_solid_shadow_holo

Change-Id: I5ef0084de28a7c2d2fa02ae1752884feab0f8523
c8b0b005cb616deb9646f2c2b995890fa9530f94 23-Jun-2011 Adam Powell <adamp@google.com> Fix bug 4771354 - Phone landscape action bar subtitle slightly cut off
on the bottom

Let action bar title sizes adapt for restricted space in landscape.

Fix home spacing for tablets to eliminate redundant layout.

Change-Id: If38a43d87ca1aebf96b5d7adfdb1cf36c41ec07e
0d5d1b7e8cc06b4c62a863314debbb8b24554f1f 23-Jun-2011 Adam Powell <adamp@google.com> Tweak action bar metrics.

Free up some more pixels in the action bar and better define how icons
within it resize.

Change-Id: I0768180e595ee7b23190a26607e8989fa1bac38f
45c515b0e962ee8ffc901872bcc9f25599ea0e78 22-Apr-2011 Adam Powell <adamp@google.com> Action bar work for phones

Tweak sizing and layouts for action bar on smaller devices. The action
bar's size is now partially dependent on form factor and orientation
to conserve screen space, especially in landscape mode.

Alter the max action menu items for smaller devices. Disallow text on
action menu items with a horizontal width of less than 480dp when an
icon is available.

Remove the "Done" text on the action mode close button. (TODO: get a
properly sized 9-patch resource for this - the current one has an
intrinsic width that is too large.)

When setting an action bar icon as a resource ID, the bar will attempt
to load a mipmapped resource that is the closest available for the
target size.

Change-Id: I2498c640666ade310fdd1d3a2078bd4000b392a2
2b0952b197470a457f4f436911f1d07f553d15da 09-Mar-2011 Adam Powell <adamp@google.com> Fix bug 4065021 - Adjust spacing of the "home" action bar item to be
consistent with the "up" indicator

Make sure that the "home" affordance in the action bar always occupies
the same amount of space regardless of whether or not the "up"
indicator is visible. This means centering the application icon/logo
in the remaining space after the "up" indicator has been added.

Change-Id: I3c81cfe8255546d4dd676af913895713baba4f13
8fca37ce308e45f58220752ef9776c55ef44491d 05-Mar-2011 Adam Powell <adamp@google.com> Fix bug 3501766 - Make the action bar "up" visual more prominent

Change-Id: Id4b104dd6ca1df662479ab54f045e119585f990f
1c60300129e431ccf1cf258291eac5acdb3a2fe4 18-Nov-2010 Ed Heyl <edheyl@google.com> Revert "Temp fix; Revert "Fix bug 3167081 - Action Bar redesign to support "up"""

This reverts commit 8b8914b50d36734305d582485fa839b7d04b8872.

Change-Id: Ib3ee99257ed10af5f729f3d29af37b5b48a8e139
8b8914b50d36734305d582485fa839b7d04b8872 18-Nov-2010 android-build SharedAccount <android-build@google.com> Temp fix; Revert "Fix bug 3167081 - Action Bar redesign to support "up""

This reverts commit 432e5f9f167e622d03fee0e10215b6e2234c1a3c.



Change-Id: I7212626479da7aef80b9bcb4c2144435364dafae
432e5f9f167e622d03fee0e10215b6e2234c1a3c 18-Nov-2010 Adam Powell <adamp@google.com> Fix bug 3167081 - Action Bar redesign to support "up"

Integrate new assets for action bar "up" and menu. Restructure action
bar layout to support the new design. First pass at metrics.

Change-Id: Iefc502bf398905208129ef41072bdf4a0225bfe0