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Revision Date Author Comments (<<< Hide modified files) (Show modified files >>>)
6428046767ee4195617fb41b5639eefa2ca7a939 09-Jan-2014 Matthew Williams <mjwilliams@google.com> Downgrade expedited to normal on reschedule.

bug: 12033540
Expedited was previously tracked by a redundant internal variable, ostensibly
as an optimisation. This variable could differ from the value in the bundle
depending on how the operation is initialised, which led to confusion. Now an
expedited sync will only be treated as such on its first execution.

Change-Id: I9979102317aecbe8bc53a36381d4b2782ac131be

d08d6686c5e16cedc23cd9bc836a28d629b8622c 14-Oct-2013 Matthew Williams <mjwilliams@google.com> resolved conflicts for merge of 94b51810 to master

Change-Id: Ida818f066b66c356a84c80e5eab0a4e2cf4ebd49
632515b9d0960749ddb1636677d7f12f196d73f7 11-Oct-2013 Matthew Williams <mjwilliams@google.com> Fix infinite boot-loop bug in SM.

If the ContentResolver sync API is used with the empty ("")
string as a provider, the ContentService will throw an RTE.
This cl addresses all the entry points of the API that could
allow this, as well as adds an ifEmpty check at the point of
Also removed RTE throws from public functions(no point in
crashing the phone).

Change-Id: I57427d12a6cafb3e6d7a32ca0c10b05315b20580
06485a7c6e3bbea1f427f345ac3a18b2346750e0 26-Jul-2013 Matthew Williams <mjwilliams@google.com> Pending op fix didn't merge properly from KLP-dev.

Manually merge in Cl c/342668. Add another test to ensure that it

Change-Id: Iae603328d525cc71e4e31ad30a13384efc50f823
8ef2204c8f5f9744a2ff7abdbbf2d26a5ea02837 26-Jul-2013 Matthew Williams <mjwilliams@google.com> Refactor SyncManager rename authority->target

fix bug that was stopping any sync service sync from
from taking place.
Change-Id: Ib3f46d43be630d4196fbf0ca32da03b6e7a6a5b9
56dbf8f23677d28615e61ef2fbb0e738cca02528 26-Jul-2013 Matthew Williams <mjwilliams@google.com> Fix broken javadocs

Change-Id: Ibf7f2ed92919efd36fffa963447b1a443c0bb9db
ba35271e91648c9cde2bb606aaf2001282231b07 14-Aug-2013 Matthew Williams <mjwilliams@google.com> Use pending.xml to persist sync ops.

Support pending ops by producing badly formed xml.
fixed bug that stopped alarm manager from updating if the
next alarm time is in the past.
Use new AlarmManager API for old AM behaviour - to set
exact alarms.

Change-Id: I57090f9c7155996298be7ec968a88f17ac1938a7
fa77418134c6f1f80af225a78819f069e9c974fb 19-Jun-2013 Matthew Williams <mjwilliams@google.com> AnonymousSyncService & SyncRequest.

Changes to the way bundles are parcelled broke SM,
this update writes out the bundle as xml. This circumvents
the need for parcel, and makes it easier to debug whats
Change-Id: I6cd5d3a2eb80bfa5b3ae0c7f2d2ff91a65daaa34
03cb98aecfeef0b0894f69987f8b4a15c02501f3 11-Dec-2012 Amith Yamasani <yamasani@google.com> Move Observer test to servicetests

Change-Id: Ib3493af4eb3185db79004a3cad5473161ed51f71
8ff9a156c04c24458d94c716a64a5b7327f0e987 11-Dec-2012 Amith Yamasani <yamasani@google.com> Fix build. Forgot to move this test.

Change-Id: I06aab8ec6e2dac86b65bbeed3587444260fec2e8
7a96c39c510923ef73bbb06ab20109f0168b8eb1 15-Nov-2012 Jeff Sharkey <jsharkey@android.com> Move lingering services to services.jar.

This helps reduce the pressure on framework.jar, and makes it clear
that it should only be used by the system_server.

Bug: 7333397
Change-Id: I0858904239535380fbf30562b793e277d8c3f054