History log of /frameworks/native/opengl/tools/glgen/stubs/gles11/glGetProgramInfoLog.cpp
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9875750593aae7c2a62f33c620809d49162393eb 09-Apr-2011 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Kill the global references in the OpenGL wrappers.

Just use jniThrowException instead. Note that it would be trivial to throw
seemingly more appropriate exceptions (NullPointerException and
OutOfMemoryException in particular), but I'm only attempting to preserve
existing behavior here.

I also found shadowing bugs in some of the special-case functions, which
would previously always have leaked memory.

This also moves an accidental change to a generated file (ActivityThread ->
AppGlobals) into the generator, so it won't be overwritten in future.

Change-Id: Iab570310b568cb406c60dd0e2b8211f8a36ae590
50d0b14689b0ae95ea7b66a8c2f7b955115812dd 19-Nov-2009 Jack Palevich <jackpal@google.com> Add a Java API for OpenGL ES 2.0.

Currently this API is hidden.

Add a test program.