Lines Matching defs:URLRequest

73 // allocated in any special way.  It is also valid to delete an URLRequest
75 // the URLRequest is deleted, no further callbacks to its delegate will occur.
79 class NET_EXPORT URLRequest : NON_EXPORTED_BASE(public base::NonThreadSafe),
86 typedef URLRequestJob* (ProtocolFactory)(URLRequest* request,
100 // HTTP. This is the default behavior of URLRequest, corresponding to
132 URLRequest* request, NetworkDelegate* network_delegate) = 0;
141 URLRequest* request,
154 URLRequest* request, NetworkDelegate* network_delegate);
157 // Deprecated interfaces in net::URLRequest. They have been moved to
158 // URLRequest's private section to prevent new uses. Existing uses are
210 // followed once FollowDeferredRedirect is called on the URLRequest.
215 virtual void OnReceivedRedirect(URLRequest* request,
224 virtual void OnAuthRequired(URLRequest* request,
233 URLRequest* request,
246 virtual void OnSSLCertificateError(URLRequest* request,
252 // URLRequest, and by default does not defer. If deferred, call
254 virtual void OnBeforeNetworkStart(URLRequest* request, bool* defer);
262 virtual void OnResponseStarted(URLRequest* request) = 0;
271 virtual void OnReadCompleted(URLRequest* request, int bytes_read) = 0;
280 virtual ~URLRequest();
286 // The cookie policy default has to be set before the first URLRequest is
290 // Returns true if the scheme can be handled by URLRequest. False otherwise.
293 // Returns true if the url can be handled by URLRequest. False otherwise.
294 // The function returns true for invalid urls because URLRequest knows how
484 // Returns true if the URLRequest was delivered through a proxy.
489 // Returns true if the URLRequest was delivered over SPDY.
628 // instruct this URLRequest to continue with the request with the
633 // URLRequest to ignore the current error and continue with the request. To
662 // Allows to setting debug info into the URLRequest.
712 URLRequest(const GURL& url,
760 // |delegate_| is not NULL. See URLRequest::Delegate for the meaning
836 // ClientSocketPool use this to determine which URLRequest to
842 // web request API and the web navigation API. As the URLRequest does not
844 // needs to be done outside of the URLRequest anyway. Therefore, this
858 base::debug::LeakTracker<URLRequest> leak_tracker_;