Lines Matching defs:ASTContext

34   class ASTContext;
313 // Only allow allocation of Stmts using the allocator in ASTContext
315 void* operator new(size_t bytes, const ASTContext& C,
318 void* operator new(size_t bytes, const ASTContext* C,
327 void operator delete(void*, const ASTContext&, unsigned) throw() { }
328 void operator delete(void*, const ASTContext*, unsigned) throw() { }
383 void dumpPretty(const ASTContext &Context) const;
434 void Profile(llvm::FoldingSetNodeID &ID, const ASTContext &Context,
553 CompoundStmt(const ASTContext &C, ArrayRef<Stmt*> Stmts,
568 void setStmts(const ASTContext &C, Stmt **Stmts, unsigned NumStmts);
842 static AttributedStmt *Create(const ASTContext &C, SourceLocation Loc,
845 static AttributedStmt *CreateEmpty(const ASTContext &C, unsigned NumAttrs);
875 IfStmt(const ASTContext &C, SourceLocation IL, VarDecl *var, Expr *cond,
891 void setConditionVariable(const ASTContext &C, VarDecl *V);
949 SwitchStmt(const ASTContext &C, VarDecl *Var, Expr *cond);
964 void setConditionVariable(const ASTContext &C, VarDecl *V);
1034 WhileStmt(const ASTContext &C, VarDecl *Var, Expr *cond, Stmt *body,
1049 void setConditionVariable(const ASTContext &C, VarDecl *V);
1142 ForStmt(const ASTContext &C, Stmt *Init, Expr *Cond, VarDecl *condVar,
1160 void setConditionVariable(const ASTContext &C, VarDecl *V);
1432 std::string generateAsmString(const ASTContext &C) const;
1551 GCCAsmStmt(const ASTContext &C, SourceLocation asmloc, bool issimple,
1617 const ASTContext &C, unsigned &DiagOffs) const;
1620 std::string generateAsmString(const ASTContext &C) const;
1680 void setOutputsAndInputsAndClobbers(const ASTContext &C,
1726 MSAsmStmt(const ASTContext &C, SourceLocation asmloc,
1751 std::string generateAsmString(const ASTContext &C) const;
1796 void initialize(const ASTContext &C, StringRef AsmString,
1828 static SEHExceptStmt* Create(const ASTContext &C,
1869 static SEHFinallyStmt* Create(const ASTContext &C,
1908 static SEHTryStmt* Create(const ASTContext &C, bool isCXXTry,
2058 static CapturedStmt *Create(const ASTContext &Context, Stmt *S,
2064 static CapturedStmt *CreateDeserialized(const ASTContext &Context,