Lines Matching defs:WeakPtr

62 	typename ReferenceCount<threadSafe>::Type	weakRefCount;		//!< WeakPtr references + StrongPtr references.
76 class WeakPtr;
111 explicit SharedPtr (const WeakPtr<Y, DeleterY, threadSafe>& other);
120 SharedPtr& operator= (const WeakPtr<Y, DeleterY, threadSafe>& other);
137 void acquireFromWeak (const WeakPtr<T, Deleter, threadSafe>& other);
143 friend class WeakPtr<T, Deleter, threadSafe>;
152 * WeakPtr manages weak references to objects owned by SharedPtr. Shared
157 * WeakPtr can be converted back to SharedPtr but that operation can fail
164 class WeakPtr
167 WeakPtr (void);
168 WeakPtr (const WeakPtr<T, Deleter, threadSafe>& other);
169 explicit WeakPtr (const SharedPtr<T, Deleter, threadSafe>& other);
170 ~WeakPtr (void);
172 WeakPtr& operator= (const WeakPtr<T, Deleter, threadSafe>& other);
173 WeakPtr& operator= (const SharedPtr<T, Deleter, threadSafe>& other);
264 inline SharedPtr<T, Deleter, threadSafe>::SharedPtr (const WeakPtr<Y, DeleterY, threadSafe>& other)
338 * reference to pointer managed by WeakPtr is acquired if the pointer
347 inline SharedPtr<T, Deleter, threadSafe>& SharedPtr<T, Deleter, threadSafe>::operator= (const WeakPtr<Y, DeleterY, threadSafe>& other)
427 inline void SharedPtr<T, Deleter, threadSafe>::acquireFromWeak (const WeakPtr<T, Deleter, threadSafe>& weakRef)
522 // WeakPtr template implementation.
528 inline WeakPtr<T, Deleter, threadSafe>::WeakPtr (void)
539 inline WeakPtr<T, Deleter, threadSafe>::WeakPtr (const WeakPtr<T, Deleter, threadSafe>& other)
551 inline WeakPtr<T, Deleter, threadSafe>::WeakPtr (const SharedPtr<T, Deleter, threadSafe>& other)
559 inline WeakPtr<T, Deleter, threadSafe>::~WeakPtr (void)
567 * \return Reference to this WeakPtr.
573 inline WeakPtr<T, Deleter, threadSafe>& WeakPtr<T, Deleter, threadSafe>::operator= (const WeakPtr<T, Deleter, threadSafe>& other)
591 * \return Reference to this WeakPtr.
597 inline WeakPtr<T, Deleter, threadSafe>& WeakPtr<T, Deleter, threadSafe>::operator= (const SharedPtr<T, Deleter, threadSafe>& other)
610 inline void WeakPtr<T, Deleter, threadSafe>::acquire (void)
622 inline void WeakPtr<T, Deleter, threadSafe>::release (void)