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libogg release 1.2.0 - 20100325


declared in "ogg/ogg.h";

This function adds a complete page to the bitstream.

In a typical decoding situation, this function would be called after using ogg_sync_pageout to create a valid ogg_page struct.

Internally, this function breaks the page into packet segments in preparation for outputting a valid packet to the codec decoding layer.

int ogg_stream_pagein(ogg_stream_state *os, ogg_page *og);


Pointer to a previously declared ogg_stream struct, which represents the current logical bitstream.
Pointer to a page of data. The data inside this page is being submitted to the streaming layer in order to be allocated into packets.

Return Values

  • -1 indicates failure. This means that the serial number of the page did not match the serial number of the bitstream, the page version was incorrect, or an internal error accurred.
  • 0 means that the page was successfully submitted to the bitstream.

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    libogg release 1.2.0 - 20100325