And now for some shameless self-glorification and name-dropping...

ProGuard is probably the most popular java shrinker, optimizer, and obfuscator world-wide. It is being used by developers at companies and organizations like IBM, HP, Siemens, Nokia, Google, Intel, and NATO. It is the default tool in many development environments like Oracle's Wireless Toolkit, Netbeans, EclipseME, Google's Android SDK, and more. Although the quotes below probably don't represent official views of any kind, encouragements like these do keep me happy.

ProGuard is the ultimate java obfuscator!



ProGuard is pure quality - powerful and trouble-free.

M.B., Statestep


It is the simplest and most robust obfuscator we have ever used.

I.I., Hewlett-Packard

And indeed:

ProGuard rules. Much easier to use than the commercial alternatives.

B.G., Quiotix Corp.

Straight from ProGuard's open discussion forum:

After searching for, trying to trial, and futzing with numerous other obfuscators and shrinkers, ProGuard stands out as the simplest, most robust, and accurate shrinker of them all.

D.J., Joot

From the article "Obfuscating MIDlet Suites with ProGuard" at developers.sun.com:

Its friendly license, attractive price tag, compelling performance, and powerful configuration options make it an excellent addition to your MIDlet development toolbox.

J.K., Sun

And, of course, the price is stunning:

You could've been rich.

My mother

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