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TiXmlElement Member List

This is the complete list of members for TiXmlElement, including all inherited members.

Attribute(const char *name) const TiXmlElement
Attribute(const char *name, int *i) const TiXmlElement
Attribute(const char *name, double *d) const TiXmlElement
Clone() const TiXmlElement [virtual]
Column() const TiXmlBase [inline]
FirstAttribute() const TiXmlElement [inline]
FirstChild() const TiXmlNode [inline]
FirstChild(const char *value) const TiXmlNode
FirstChild(const char *value)TiXmlNode
FirstChild(const std::string &_value) const TiXmlNode [inline]
FirstChild(const std::string &_value)TiXmlNode [inline]
FirstChildElement() const TiXmlNode
FirstChildElement(const char *value) const TiXmlNode
FirstChildElement(const std::string &_value) const TiXmlNode [inline]
FirstChildElement(const std::string &_value)TiXmlNode [inline]
GetDocument() const TiXmlNode
GetText() const TiXmlElement
InsertAfterChild(TiXmlNode *afterThis, const TiXmlNode &addThis)TiXmlNode
InsertBeforeChild(TiXmlNode *beforeThis, const TiXmlNode &addThis)TiXmlNode
InsertEndChild(const TiXmlNode &addThis)TiXmlNode
IsWhiteSpaceCondensed()TiXmlBase [inline, static]
IterateChildren(const TiXmlNode *previous) const TiXmlNode
IterateChildren(const char *value, const TiXmlNode *previous) const TiXmlNode
IterateChildren(const std::string &_value, const TiXmlNode *previous) const TiXmlNode [inline]
IterateChildren(const std::string &_value, TiXmlNode *previous)TiXmlNode [inline]
LastAttribute() const TiXmlElement [inline]
LastChild()TiXmlNode [inline]
LastChild(const char *value)TiXmlNode
LastChild(const std::string &_value) const TiXmlNode [inline]
LastChild(const std::string &_value)TiXmlNode [inline]
LinkEndChild(TiXmlNode *addThis)TiXmlNode
NextSibling(const std::string &_value) const TiXmlNode [inline]
NextSibling(const std::string &_value)TiXmlNode [inline]
NextSibling() const TiXmlNode [inline]
NextSibling(const char *) const TiXmlNode
NextSiblingElement() const TiXmlNode
NextSiblingElement(const char *) const TiXmlNode
NextSiblingElement(const std::string &_value) const TiXmlNode [inline]
NextSiblingElement(const std::string &_value)TiXmlNode [inline]
NoChildren() const TiXmlNode [inline]
NodeType enum nameTiXmlNode
operator<<(std::ostream &out, const TiXmlNode &base)TiXmlNode [friend]
operator<<(std::string &out, const TiXmlNode &base)TiXmlNode [friend]
operator>>(std::istream &in, TiXmlNode &base)TiXmlNode [friend]
Parent()TiXmlNode [inline]
PreviousSibling() const TiXmlNode [inline]
PreviousSibling(const char *) const TiXmlNode
PreviousSibling(const std::string &_value) const TiXmlNode [inline]
PreviousSibling(const std::string &_value)TiXmlNode [inline]
Print(FILE *cfile, int depth) const TiXmlElement [virtual]
QueryDoubleAttribute(const char *name, double *_value) const TiXmlElement
QueryFloatAttribute(const char *name, float *_value) const TiXmlElement [inline]
QueryIntAttribute(const char *name, int *_value) const TiXmlElement
RemoveAttribute(const char *name)TiXmlElement
RemoveAttribute(const std::string &name)TiXmlElement [inline]
RemoveChild(TiXmlNode *removeThis)TiXmlNode
ReplaceChild(TiXmlNode *replaceThis, const TiXmlNode &withThis)TiXmlNode
Row() const TiXmlBase [inline]
SetAttribute(const char *name, const char *_value)TiXmlElement
SetAttribute(const std::string &name, const std::string &_value)TiXmlElement [inline]
SetAttribute(const char *name, int value)TiXmlElement
SetCondenseWhiteSpace(bool condense)TiXmlBase [inline, static]
SetDoubleAttribute(const char *name, double value)TiXmlElement
SetValue(const char *_value)TiXmlNode [inline]
SetValue(const std::string &_value)TiXmlNode [inline]
TiXmlElement(const char *in_value)TiXmlElement
TiXmlElement(const std::string &_value)TiXmlElement
ToComment() const TiXmlNode [inline]
ToComment()TiXmlNode [inline]
ToDeclaration() const TiXmlNode [inline]
ToDeclaration()TiXmlNode [inline]
ToDocument() const TiXmlNode [inline]
ToDocument()TiXmlNode [inline]
ToElement() const TiXmlNode [inline]
ToElement()TiXmlNode [inline]
ToText() const TiXmlNode [inline]
ToText()TiXmlNode [inline]
ToUnknown() const TiXmlNode [inline]
ToUnknown()TiXmlNode [inline]
Type() const TiXmlNode [inline, virtual]
userDataTiXmlBase [protected]
Value() const TiXmlNode [inline]
ValueStr() const TiXmlNode [inline]

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