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H A DCallExpr.java25 public class CallExpr extends Expr { class in inherits:Expr
28 private CallExpr(ASTree _head, ASTList _tail) { method in class:CallExpr
41 public static CallExpr makeCall(ASTree target, ASTree args) {
42 return new CallExpr(target, new ASTList(args));
H A DExprEngineCXX.cpp70 const Expr *CallExpr = Call.getOriginExpr(); local
71 evalBind(Dst, CallExpr, Pred, ThisVal, V, true);
73 PostStmt PS(CallExpr, LCtx);
78 State = State->BindExpr(CallExpr, LCtx, ThisVal);
H A DASTMatchers.h650 const internal::VariadicDynCastAllOfMatcher<Stmt, CallExpr> callExpr;
1767 /// - for CallExpr, the declaration of the callee
1774 /// Usable as: Matcher<CallExpr>, Matcher<CXXConstructExpr>,
1822 AST_MATCHER_P(CallExpr, callee, internal::Matcher<Stmt>,
1837 AST_MATCHER_P_OVERLOAD(CallExpr, callee, internal::Matcher<Decl>, InnerMatcher,
2112 CallExpr, CXXConstructExpr),
2269 CallExpr, CXXConstructExpr),
2111 AST_POLYMORPHIC_MATCHER_P(argumentCountIs, AST_POLYMORPHIC_SUPPORTED_TYPES_2( CallExpr, CXXConstructExpr), unsigned, N) argument
2268 AST_POLYMORPHIC_MATCHER_P(hasAnyArgument, AST_POLYMORPHIC_SUPPORTED_TYPES_2( CallExpr, CXXConstructExpr), internal::Matcher<Expr>, InnerMatcher) argument
H A DPathDiagnostic.h41 class CallExpr;
471 /// traversing the CallExpr associated with the call and checking if the given
490 virtual std::string getMessageForReturn(const CallExpr *CallExpr) { argument
H A DExpr.cpp1077 CallExpr::CallExpr(const ASTContext& C, StmtClass SC, Expr *fn,
1106 CallExpr::CallExpr(const ASTContext& C, Expr *fn, ArrayRef<Expr*> args, function in class:CallExpr
1134 CallExpr::CallExpr(const ASTContext &C, StmtClass SC, EmptyShell Empty) function in class:CallExpr
1141 CallExpr::CallExpr(const ASTContext &C, StmtClass SC, unsigned NumPreArgs, function in class:CallExpr
1149 Decl *CallExpr::getCalleeDecl() {
1173 FunctionDecl *CallExpr
H A DExpr.h2143 /// CallExpr - Represents a function call (C99, C++ []).
2144 /// CallExpr itself represents a normal function call, e.g., "f(x, 2)",
2149 class CallExpr : public Expr { class in class:clang::StringLiteral::OffsetOfExpr
2157 CallExpr(const ASTContext& C, StmtClass SC, Expr *fn, unsigned NumPreArgs,
2160 CallExpr(const ASTContext &C, StmtClass SC, unsigned NumPreArgs,
2179 CallExpr(const ASTContext& C, Expr *fn, ArrayRef<Expr*> args, QualType t,
2183 CallExpr(const ASTContext &C, StmtClass SC, EmptyShell Empty);
2191 return const_cast<CallExpr*>(this)->getCalleeDecl();
2197 return const_cast<CallExpr*>(this)->getDirectCallee();
2209 return const_cast<CallExpr*>(thi
H A DSemaOverload.cpp6179 // Note that it is safe to allocate CallExpr on the stack here because
6183 CallExpr Call(Context, &ConversionFn, None, CallResultType, VK,
10540 // create a type dependent CallExpr. The goal is to postpone name lookup
10545 CallExpr *CE = new (Context) CallExpr(Context, Fn, Args,
10795 CallExpr *TheCall =
12034 /// CallExpr is set to a valid expression and FRS_Success returned on success,
12035 /// otherwise CallExpr is set to ExprError() and some non-success value
12044 Expr *Range, ExprResult *CallExpr) {
12055 *CallExpr
12038 BuildForRangeBeginEndCall(Scope *S, SourceLocation Loc, SourceLocation RangeLoc, VarDecl *Decl, BeginEndFunction BEF, const DeclarationNameInfo &NameInfo, LookupResult &MemberLookup, OverloadCandidateSet *CandidateSet, Expr *Range, ExprResult *CallExpr) argument
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