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H A Dpermission_menu_model.h18 ChangeCallback; typedef in class:PermissionMenuModel
23 const ChangeCallback& callback);
30 const ChangeCallback& callback);
46 ChangeCallback callback_;
H A Dsynced_pref_change_registrar.h24 typedef base::Callback<void(bool)> ChangeCallback; typedef in class:SyncedPrefChangeRegistrar
32 void Add(const char* path, const ChangeCallback& callback);
H A Dweb_contents_tracker.h12 // Threading issues: Start(), Stop() and the ChangeCallback are invoked on the
36 // If |track_fullscreen_rwh| is true, the ChangeCallback will be run when a
45 typedef base::Callback<void(RenderWidgetHost* rwh)> ChangeCallback; typedef in class:content::WebContentsTracker
53 const ChangeCallback& callback);
68 // reported, runs the ChangeCallback on the appropriate thread. If
69 // |force_callback_run| is true, the ChangeCallback is run even if the
106 ChangeCallback callback_;
H A Dsupervised_user_shared_settings_service.h43 const std::string& /* key */)> ChangeCallback; typedef in class:SupervisedUserSharedSettingsService
73 const ChangeCallback& cb);
H A Dproxy_service.cc526 // the ChangeCallback.
530 const ProxyConfig&)> ChangeCallback; typedef in class:net::ProxyService::ProxyScriptDeciderPoller
552 ProxyScriptDeciderPoller(ChangeCallback callback,
699 ChangeCallback change_callback_;

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