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H A DConstantInt.java28 public class ConstantInt implements VariableInt class in inherits:VariableInt
34 * Creates a new ConstantInt.
37 public ConstantInt(int value) method in class:ConstantInt
H A DConstants.h51 class ConstantInt : public Constant { class in namespace:llvm
54 ConstantInt(const ConstantInt &) LLVM_DELETED_FUNCTION;
55 ConstantInt(IntegerType *Ty, const APInt& V);
63 static ConstantInt *getTrue(LLVMContext &Context);
64 static ConstantInt *getFalse(LLVMContext &Context);
69 /// value. Otherwise return a ConstantInt for the given value.
72 /// Return a ConstantInt with the specified integer value for the specified
77 /// @brief Get a ConstantInt for a specific value.
78 static ConstantInt *ge
H A Dllvm.ml268 | ConstantInt Constructor in type:ValueKind/t
H A Dllvm_ocaml.c486 ConstantInt, enumerator in enum:ValueKind
513 DEFINE_CASE(Val, ConstantInt);
H A DConstants.cpp77 if (const ConstantInt *CI = dyn_cast<ConstantInt>(this))
90 if (const ConstantInt *CI = dyn_cast<ConstantInt>(this))
112 if (const ConstantInt *CI = dyn_cast<ConstantInt>(this))
136 return ConstantInt::get(Ty, 0);
172 Constant *C = ConstantInt::get(Ty->getContext(), V);
187 return ConstantInt::get(Ty->getContext(),
229 if (ConstantInt *C
469 ConstantInt::ConstantInt(IntegerType *Ty, const APInt& V) function in class:ConstantInt
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