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H A DDrmInfoStatus.cpp17 #include <drm/DrmInfoStatus.h>
21 DrmInfoStatus::DrmInfoStatus( function in class:DrmInfoStatus
H A DDrmInfoStatus.h29 * DrmInfoStatus would be returned. This class holds DrmBuffer which could be
33 class DrmInfoStatus { class in namespace:android
35 // Should be in sync with
41 * Constructor for DrmInfoStatus
48 DrmInfoStatus(int _statusCode, int _infoType, const DrmBuffer* _drmBuffer, const String8& _mimeType);
51 * Destructor for DrmInfoStatus
53 virtual ~DrmInfoStatus() {
H A DDrmInfoStatus.java23 * method is called, an instance of <code>DrmInfoStatus</code> is returned.
29 public class DrmInfoStatus { class
30 // The following status code constants must be in sync with DrmInfoStatus.cpp
65 * Creates a <code>DrmInfoStatus</code> object with the specified parameters.
74 public DrmInfoStatus(int statusCode, int infoType, ProcessedData data, String mimeType) { method in class:DrmInfoStatus

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