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H A DGrEffect.cpp62 GrEffectRef::~GrEffectRef() {
68 void* GrEffectRef::operator new(size_t size) {
72 void GrEffectRef::operator delete(void* target) {
H A DGrEffect.h27 * GrEffectRef ref count reaches zero the scratch GrResources owned by the effect can be recycled
35 class GrEffectRef : public SkRefCnt { class in inherits:SkRefCnt
38 virtual ~GrEffectRef();
59 explicit GrEffectRef(GrEffect* effect);
72 GrEffect subclass objects should be created by factory functions that return GrEffectRef.
73 There is no public way to wrap a GrEffect in a GrEffectRef. Thus, a factory should be a static
76 Because almost no code should ever handle a GrEffect directly outside of a GrEffectRef, we
127 bool isEqual(const GrEffectRef& other) const {
189 keeps the effect alive outside of GrEffectRef whil
342 inline GrEffectRef::GrEffectRef(GrEffect* effect) { function in class:GrEffectRef

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