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H A DHTMLPrint.cpp37 bool SyntaxHighlight, HighlightMacros; member in class:__anon17970::HTMLPrinter
43 HighlightMacros(_HighlightMacros) {}
53 bool HighlightMacros) {
54 return new HTMLPrinter(OS, PP, SyntaxHighlight, HighlightMacros);
85 if (HighlightMacros) html::HighlightMacros(R, FID, PP);
50 CreateHTMLPrinter(raw_ostream *OS, Preprocessor &PP, bool SyntaxHighlight, bool HighlightMacros) argument
H A DHTMLRewrite.cpp442 /// HighlightMacros - This uses the macro table state from the end of the
446 void html::HighlightMacros(Rewriter &R, FileID FID, const Preprocessor& PP) { function in class:html

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