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H A Dio_buffer.cc11 IOBuffer::IOBuffer() function in class:net::IOBuffer
15 IOBuffer::IOBuffer(int buffer_size) { function in class:net::IOBuffer
20 IOBuffer::IOBuffer(char* data) function in class:net::IOBuffer
24 IOBuffer::~IOBuffer() {
30 : IOBuffer(size),
35 : IOBuffer(dat
H A Dio_buffer.h23 // IMPORTANT: Never re-use an IOBuffer after cancelling the IO operation that
36 // Instead, think of the underlying |char*| buffer contained by the IOBuffer
39 // Whenever you call an asynchronous operation that takes an IOBuffer,
43 // ==> The IOBuffer's data should NOT be manipulated, destroyed, or read
47 // an IOBuffer is cancelled, the caller should release their
48 // reference to this IOBuffer at the time of cancellation since
52 // takes an IOBuffer, and then delete that class (which generally will
53 // trigger cancellation), the IOBuffer which had been passed to Read() should
56 // This usage contract is assumed by any API which takes an IOBuffer, even
71 // reference counting we can add a reference to the IOBuffer an
73 class NET_EXPORT IOBuffer : public base::RefCountedThreadSafe<IOBuffer> { class in namespace:net
H A Ddisk_cache.h28 class IOBuffer;
164 typedef net::IOBuffer IOBuffer; typedef in class:disk_cache::Entry
195 virtual int ReadData(int index, int offset, IOBuffer* buf, int buf_len,
209 virtual int WriteData(int index, int offset, IOBuffer* buf, int buf_len,
257 virtual int ReadSparseData(int64 offset, IOBuffer* buf, int buf_len,
266 virtual int WriteSparseData(int64 offset, IOBuffer* buf, int buf_len,

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