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H A Dimage_data.h20 class ImageData : public Resource { class in namespace:pp
22 /// Default constructor for creating an is_null() <code>ImageData</code>
24 ImageData();
30 ImageData(PassRef, PP_Resource resource);
32 /// The copy constructor for <code>ImageData</code>. This constructor
33 /// produces an <code>ImageData</code> object that shares the underlying
37 ImageData(const ImageData& other);
39 /// A constructor that allocates a new <code>ImageData</code> in the browser
60 ImageData(cons
H A Dimage_data.cc25 ImageData::ImageData() : data_(NULL) { function in class:pp::ImageData
29 ImageData::ImageData(const ImageData& other) function in class:pp::ImageData
35 ImageData::ImageData(PassRef, PP_Resource resource) function in class:pp::ImageData
42 ImageData::ImageData(const InstanceHandle& instance, function in class:pp::ImageData
58 ImageData
H A Dppb_image_data_proxy.h34 // ImageData is an abstract base class for image data resources. Unlike most
35 // resources, ImageData must be public in the header since a number of other
37 class PPAPI_PROXY_EXPORT ImageData class in namespace:ppapi::proxy
42 virtual ~ImageData();
62 ImageData(const ppapi::HostResource& resource,
69 // Set to true when this ImageData is a good candidate for reuse.
79 class PPAPI_PROXY_EXPORT PlatformImageData : public ImageData {
108 class PPAPI_PROXY_EXPORT SimpleImageData : public ImageData {
144 // Utility for creating ImageData resource
H A Dppb_image_data_proxy.cc44 // How ImageData re-use works
51 // 1. Plugin makes an asynchronous call that transfers an ImageData to the
53 // 2. Plugin frees its ImageData reference. If it doesn't do this we can't
55 // 3. When the last plugin ref of an ImageData is released, we don't actually
58 // 4. The API implementation that received the ImageData finishes using it.
64 // is a usable ImageData of the right size and format, we'll return it
75 // becomes more difficult to manage. The plugin could have used an ImageData
92 // back from the renderer after an ImageData is swapped out, so it means the
101 ImageDataCacheEntry(ImageData* i)
112 scoped_refptr<ImageData> imag
317 ImageData::ImageData(const HostResource& resource, function in class:ppapi::proxy::ImageData
H A DImageData.cpp30 #include "core/html/ImageData.h"
39 PassRefPtrWillBeRawPtr<ImageData> ImageData::create(const IntSize& size)
47 return adoptRefWillBeNoop(new ImageData(size));
50 PassRefPtrWillBeRawPtr<ImageData> ImageData::create(const IntSize& size, PassRefPtr<Uint8ClampedArray> byteArray)
62 return adoptRefWillBeNoop(new ImageData(size, byteArray));
65 PassRefPtrWillBeRawPtr<ImageData> ImageData::create(unsigned width, unsigned height, ExceptionState& exceptionState)
84 RefPtrWillBeRawPtr<ImageData> imageDat
144 ImageData::ImageData(const IntSize& size) function in class:blink::ImageData
150 ImageData::ImageData(const IntSize& size, PassRefPtr<Uint8ClampedArray> byteArray) function in class:blink::ImageData
H A Dtest_image_data.cc13 REGISTER_TEST_CASE(ImageData); variable
32 pp::ImageData a(instance_, static_cast<PP_ImageDataFormat>(1337),
37 pp::ImageData b(instance_, static_cast<PP_ImageDataFormat>(-1),
45 if (!pp::ImageData::IsImageDataFormatSupported(format))
46 return "ImageData::IsImageDataFormatSupported(format) returned false";
59 PP_ImageDataFormat format = pp::ImageData::GetNativeImageDataFormat();
60 if (!pp::ImageData::IsImageDataFormatSupported(format))
61 return "ImageData::GetNativeImageDataFormat() returned unsupported format";
66 pp::ImageData zero_size(instance_, format, pp::Size(0, 0), true);
70 pp::ImageData zero_heigh
H A Dcvwimage.h187 T* ImageData() { return reinterpret_cast<T*>(image_->imageData); } function in class:cv::WImage
188 const T* ImageData() const { function in class:cv::WImage
528 // Allocate ImageData
H A Dprofile_info_cache.cc81 typedef std::vector<unsigned char> ImageData; typedef in namespace:__anon4529
85 void SaveBitmap(scoped_ptr<ImageData> data,
870 scoped_ptr<ImageData> data(new ImageData);
H A Dpepper_graphics_2d_host.cc101 // Converts ImageData from PP_IMAGEDATAFORMAT_BGRA_PREMUL to
402 PPB_ImageData_Impl* PepperGraphics2DHost::ImageData() { function in class:content::PepperGraphics2DHost
H A Dorg.eclipse.equinox.p2.publisher_1.1.2.v20100824-2220.jarMETA-INF/MANIFEST.MF META-INF/ECLIPSEF.SF META-INF/ECLIPSEF.RSA META ...
H A Dorg.eclipse.swt.gtk.linux.x86_3.6.1.v3657a.jarMETA-INF/MANIFEST.MF META-INF/ECLIPSEF.SF META-INF/ECLIPSEF.RSA META ...
H A Dorg.eclipse.swt.win32.win32.x86_3.6.1.v3657a.jarMETA-INF/MANIFEST.MF META-INF/ECLIPSEF.SF META-INF/ECLIPSEF.RSA META ...
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