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H A Dinfobar.cc17 InfoBar::InfoBar(scoped_ptr<InfoBarDelegate> delegate) function in class:infobars::InfoBar
32 InfoBar::~InfoBar() {
37 SkColor InfoBar::GetTopColor(InfoBarDelegate::Type infobar_type) {
47 SkColor InfoBar::GetBottomColor(InfoBarDelegate::Type infobar_type) {
56 void InfoBar::SetOwner(InfoBarManager* owner) {
63 void InfoBar::Show(bool animate) {
73 void InfoBar::Hide(bool animate) {
87 void InfoBar
H A Dinfobar.h22 // InfoBar is a cross-platform base class for an infobar "view" (in the MVC
26 // create a platform-specific subclass of InfoBar to own it, and then call
28 // During its life, the InfoBar may be shown and hidden as the owning tab is
30 // will instruct the InfoBar to close itself. At this point, the InfoBar will
34 // Thus, InfoBarDelegate and InfoBar implementations can assume they share
37 class InfoBar : public gfx::AnimationDelegate { class in namespace:infobars
40 typedef InfoBar AddedDetails;
41 typedef std::pair<InfoBar*, bool> RemovedDetails;
53 explicit InfoBar(scoped_pt
H A DInfoBar.java15 * The base class for all InfoBar classes.
19 public abstract class InfoBar implements InfoBarView { class in inherits:InfoBarView
20 private static final String TAG = "InfoBar";
63 * @param listener Listens to when buttons have been clicked on the InfoBar.
67 public InfoBar(InfoBarListeners.Dismiss listener, int iconDrawableId, CharSequence message) { method in class:InfoBar
83 * Stores a pointer to the native-side counterpart of this InfoBar.
95 * Change the pointer to the native-side counterpart of this InfoBar. Native-side code is
127 * @return whether or not the InfoBar has been dismissed.
134 * Sets the Context used when creating the InfoBar.
141 * @return The Context used to create the InfoBar

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