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H A DGDBJITRegistrar.cpp92 /// Creates an entry in the GDB JIT registry for the buffer @p Object,
95 void registerObject(const ObjectBuffer* Object, std::size_t Size);
97 /// Removes the internal registration of @p Object, and
99 /// Returns true if @p Object was found in ObjectBufferMap.
100 bool deregisterObject(const ObjectBuffer* Object);
155 void GDBJITRegistrar::registerObject(const ObjectBuffer* Object, std::size_t Size) { argument
157 assert(Object && "Attempt to register a null object with a debugger.");
158 assert(ObjectBufferMap.find(Object) == ObjectBufferMap.end()
167 JITCodeEntry->symfile_addr = Object;
170 ObjectBufferMap[Object]
186 deregisterObject(const ObjectBuffer *Object) argument
233 registerObjectWithGDB(const ObjectBuffer* Object, std::size_t Size) argument
240 deregisterObjectWithGDB(const ObjectBuffer* Object) argument
H A DLinkerConfig.h35 Object, enumerator in enum:mcld::LinkerConfig::CodeGenType
H A DInput.h36 Object, enumerator in enum:mcld::Input::Type
H A DResolveInfo.h50 Object = 1, enumerator in enum:mcld::ResolveInfo::Type
270 static const uint32_t object_flag = Object << TYPE_OFFSET;

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