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H A Dchromium-prtypes.h73 typedef int PRBool; typedef
H A Dprtime.h65 typedef PRIntn PRBool; typedef
249 PRBool default_to_gmt,
H A Dnss_decryptor_mac.h89 typedef int PRBool; typedef
103 (*PK11AuthenticateFunc)(PK11SlotInfo *slot, PRBool loadCerts, void *wincx);
106 typedef void (*SECITEMFreeItemFunc)(SECItem *item, PRBool free_it);
H A Dnss_decryptor_win.h86 typedef int PRBool; typedef
100 (*PK11AuthenticateFunc)(PK11SlotInfo *slot, PRBool loadCerts, void *wincx);
103 typedef void (*SECITEMFreeItemFunc)(SECItem *item, PRBool free_it);
H A Dprtypes.h422 ** TYPES: PRBool
424 ** Use PRBool for variables and parameter types. Use PR_FALSE and PR_TRUE
429 typedef PRIntn PRBool; typedef

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