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H A Dpassword_form.cc13 PasswordForm::PasswordForm() function in class:autofill::PasswordForm
25 PasswordForm::~PasswordForm() {
28 bool PasswordForm::IsPublicSuffixMatch() const {
32 bool PasswordForm::operator==(const PasswordForm& form) const {
60 bool PasswordForm::operator!=(const PasswordForm& form) const {
64 std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& os, const PasswordForm
H A Dpassword_form.h18 // The PasswordForm struct encapsulates information about a login form,
22 // metdata using a PasswordForm struct, typically one that was created from
27 // PasswordForm entries against PasswordForms that were created from a parsed
33 // about a particular "saved password entry" to our PasswordForm
40 struct PasswordForm { struct in namespace:autofill
78 // fashion) whether or not a given PasswordForm result from the database is a
95 // of PasswordForm results from the database to make matches as tight as
127 // The current password. Must be non-empty for PasswordForm instances that are
145 // SSL cert. We will never match or autofill a PasswordForm where
146 // ssl_valid == true with a PasswordForm wher

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