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H A Dplatform_event_observer.h13 // PlatformEventObserver can be installed on a PlatformEventSource, and it
15 class EVENTS_EXPORT PlatformEventObserver { class in namespace:ui
24 virtual ~PlatformEventObserver() {}
H A Dplatform_event_observer.h18 // This class is used as a base class for PlatformEventObserver<ListenerType> to
19 // allow storing PlatformEventObserver<> with different typename in the same
26 // is described in PlatformEventObserver<>.
36 // PlatformEventObserver<> defines the basic skeleton for an object requesting
42 class PlatformEventObserver : public PlatformEventObserverBase, class in namespace:content
45 // Creates a PlatformEventObserver that doesn't listen to responses from the
48 PlatformEventObserver() function in class:content::PlatformEventObserver
53 // Creates a PlatformEventObserver that registers to the RenderThread in order
56 explicit PlatformEventObserver(RenderThread* thread) function in class:content::PlatformEventObserver
65 virtual ~PlatformEventObserver() {

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