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H A Dppb_message_loop.h51 * - Call PostWork() on the message loop to run functions on the thread.
71 * call PostWork()).
129 * invalid message loop, PostWork will return an error and will not run the
134 * Therefore, you should check for errors from PostWork and destroy any
139 * int32_t result = message_loop.PostWork(callback);
234 * error posting your callback, the error will be returned from PostWork and
257 int32_t (*PostWork)(PP_Resource message_loop, member in struct:PPB_MessageLoop_1_0
H A Dmessage_loop.cc70 int32_t MessageLoop::PostWork(const CompletionCallback& callback, function in class:pp::MessageLoop
74 return get_interface<PPB_MessageLoop>()->PostWork(
H A Dppb_message_loop_proxy.cc123 int32_t MessageLoopResource::PostWork(PP_CompletionCallback callback, function in class:ppapi::proxy::MessageLoopResource
245 int32_t PostWork(PP_Resource message_loop, function in namespace:ppapi::proxy
250 return enter.object()->PostWork(callback, delay_ms);
267 &PostWork,

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