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H A Dproxy_info.cc11 ProxyInfo::ProxyInfo() function in class:net::ProxyInfo
18 ProxyInfo::~ProxyInfo() {
21 void ProxyInfo::Use(const ProxyInfo& other) {
32 void ProxyInfo::UseDirect() {
37 void ProxyInfo::UseDirectWithBypassedProxy() {
42 void ProxyInfo::UseNamedProxy(const std::string& proxy_uri_list) {
47 void ProxyInfo
H A Dproxy_info.h21 class NET_EXPORT ProxyInfo { class in namespace:net
23 ProxyInfo();
24 ~ProxyInfo();
28 void Use(const ProxyInfo& proxy_info);
H A Dproxyinfo.h28 struct ProxyInfo { struct in namespace:rtc
37 ProxyInfo() : type(PROXY_NONE), autodetect(false) { } function in struct:rtc::ProxyInfo
H A DProxyInfo.java29 public class ProxyInfo class
45 public ProxyInfo( ProxyType pType, String pHost, int pPort, String pUser, method in class:ProxyInfo
55 public static ProxyInfo forHttpProxy(String pHost, int pPort, String pUser,
58 return new ProxyInfo(ProxyType.HTTP, pHost, pPort, pUser, pPass);
61 public static ProxyInfo forSocks4Proxy(String pHost, int pPort, String pUser,
64 return new ProxyInfo(ProxyType.SOCKS4, pHost, pPort, pUser, pPass);
67 public static ProxyInfo forSocks5Proxy(String pHost, int pPort, String pUser,
70 return new ProxyInfo(ProxyType.SOCKS5, pHost, pPort, pUser, pPass);
73 public static ProxyInfo forNoProxy()
75 return new ProxyInfo(ProxyTyp
H A D__init__.py82 __all__ = ['Http', 'Response', 'ProxyInfo', 'HttpLib2Error',
694 class ProxyInfo(object): class in inherits:object
700 p = ProxyInfo(proxy_type=socks.PROXY_TYPE_HTTP, proxy_host='localhost', proxy_port=8000)
792 """The value of proxy_info is a ProxyInfo instance.

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