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H A DRewriter.h32 /// RewriteBuffer - As code is rewritten, SourceBuffer's from the original
33 /// input with modifications get a new RewriteBuffer associated with them. The
34 /// RewriteBuffer captures the modified text itself as well as information used
36 /// RewriteBuffer. For example, if text is inserted into the buffer, any
38 class RewriteBuffer { class in namespace:clang
101 /// RewriteBuffer is based on, map it into the offset space of the
102 /// RewriteBuffer. If AfterInserts is true and if the OrigOffset indicates a
130 std::map<FileID, RewriteBuffer> RewriteBuffers;
149 typedef std::map<FileID, RewriteBuffer>::iterator buffer_iterator;
150 typedef std::map<FileID, RewriteBuffer>

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