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H A Drewriter.h13 class Rewriter { class in namespace:v8::internal
H A DFrontendActions.h31 std::unique_ptr<FixItRewriter> Rewriter; member in class:clang::FixItAction
H A DRewriter.h1 //===--- Rewriter.h - Code rewriting interface ------------------*- C++ -*-===//
10 // This file defines the Rewriter class, which is used for code
28 class Rewriter;
39 friend class Rewriter;
54 /// Rewriter::overwriteChangedFiles() instead.
92 private: // Methods only usable by Rewriter.
124 /// Rewriter - This is the main interface to the rewrite buffers. Its primary
127 class Rewriter { class in namespace:clang
152 explicit Rewriter(SourceManager &SM, const LangOptions &LO) function in class:clang::Rewriter
154 explicit Rewriter() function in class:clang::Rewriter
H A DIndVarSimplify.cpp112 void SimplifyAndExtend(Loop *L, SCEVExpander &Rewriter, LPPassManager &LPM);
114 void RewriteLoopExitValues(Loop *L, SCEVExpander &Rewriter);
117 PHINode *IndVar, SCEVExpander &Rewriter);
481 void IndVarSimplify::RewriteLoopExitValues(Loop *L, SCEVExpander &Rewriter) { argument
597 Value *ExitVal = Rewriter.expandCodeFor(ExitValue, PN->getType(), Inst);
639 Rewriter.clearInsertPoint();
748 PHINode *CreateWideIV(SCEVExpander &Rewriter);
760 Instruction *WidenIVUse(NarrowIVDefUse DU, SCEVExpander &Rewriter);
913 Instruction *WidenIV::WidenIVUse(NarrowIVDefUse DU, SCEVExpander &Rewriter) { argument
997 && Rewriter
1044 CreateWideIV(SCEVExpander &Rewriter) argument
1152 SimplifyAndExtend(Loop *L, SCEVExpander &Rewriter, LPPassManager &LPM) argument
1525 genLoopLimit(PHINode *IndVar, const SCEV *IVCount, Loop *L, SCEVExpander &Rewriter, ScalarEvolution *SE) argument
1612 LinearFunctionTestReplace(Loop *L, const SCEV *BackedgeTakenCount, PHINode *IndVar, SCEVExpander &Rewriter) argument
H A DLoopStrengthReduce.cpp1706 void GenerateIVChain(const IVChain &Chain, SCEVExpander &Rewriter,
1785 SCEVExpander &Rewriter) const;
1790 SCEVExpander &Rewriter,
1794 SCEVExpander &Rewriter,
1799 SCEVExpander &Rewriter,
2876 void LSRInstance::GenerateIVChain(const IVChain &Chain, SCEVExpander &Rewriter, argument
2932 Rewriter.clearPostInc();
2933 Value *IncV = Rewriter.expandCodeFor(LeftOverExpr, IntTy, InsertPt);
2936 IVOper = Rewriter.expandCodeFor(IVOperExpr, IVTy, InsertPt);
4461 SCEVExpander &Rewriter) cons
4523 Expand(const LSRFixup &LF, const Formula &F, BasicBlock::iterator IP, SCEVExpander &Rewriter, SmallVectorImpl<WeakVH> &DeadInsts) const argument
4710 RewriteForPHI(PHINode *PN, const LSRFixup &LF, const Formula &F, SCEVExpander &Rewriter, SmallVectorImpl<WeakVH> &DeadInsts, Pass *P) const argument
4784 Rewrite(const LSRFixup &LF, const Formula &F, SCEVExpander &Rewriter, SmallVectorImpl<WeakVH> &DeadInsts, Pass *P) const argument
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