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H A Dscoped_cftyperef.h14 // ScopedCFTypeRef<> is patterned after scoped_ptr<>, but maintains ownership
19 // By default, ScopedCFTypeRef<> takes ownership of an object (in the
21 // claim. The caller must own the object it gives to ScopedCFTypeRef<>, and
22 // relinquishes an ownership claim to that object. ScopedCFTypeRef<> does not
25 // then ScopedCFTypeRef<> will call CFRetain() on the object, and the initial
42 class ScopedCFTypeRef class in namespace:base
47 explicit ScopedCFTypeRef( function in class:base::ScopedCFTypeRef
53 ScopedCFTypeRef(const ScopedCFTypeRef<CFT>& that) function in class:base::ScopedCFTypeRef

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